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Glabrezu Wish payback

Originally Posted by Scarecrow71 View Post
I guess my confusion on this topic stems from my own inability understand why you don't just kill the thing. You keep mentioning that it TP's during battle, which I'm assuming is teleport. So why not just have someone stand next to it and cast antimagic field? .
They are 10th level so it would need to be cast from scroll. A tanking cleric could use a scroll, and then go total defense by it. Then have the wizard stand out of range of the amf and throw snowballs at the demon.

Yeah, I failed to mention that it would have to be done by a scroll. Which it would have to be. But the question is still valid: why not purchase a scroll or two of this - and I realize that it would be expensive - and kick this thing's demonic behind?

I give kudos to your GM for having it use GT to get away when it starts getting it's behind handed to it. And recurring bad guys are a good thing, provided that you can eventually deal with it once and for all.


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