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Corrupt a Wish!

Granted. I don't really need to corrupt this, because you are a) a horrible monster making those poor children go through such horrible events, and b) Lemony Snicket doesn't really have a good life either, when you get down to it. No friends, no girlfriend/wife, and constantly on the run.

I wish to have a cure for ALS.

Granted. Corrupting the intent of your wish would be too dark a thing to do, so ALS is indeed cured. However, you never receive credit for it, and every day someone kicks you right in the balls.

I wish my cold would go away.

Granted. I mutates into an incredibly lethal form of infection, but only AFTER you are rendered immune. You become the last person on earth.

I wish for a jock-strap. If I'm going to be getting kicked in the fork daily, I need some protection.

Granted. Unfortunately, the strap is not the part that protects you; it's the cup. And you didn't ask for a cup, so it still hurts getting kicked in the schwing daily. In fact, you now get the added bonus of being kicked in the schwing every 60 seconds.

I wish I didn't have a mental image of @Onigato getting kicked in the schwing every 60 seconds.

Granted. And since it's my birthday (no really, March 15th is my birthday) I'm going to hobbit this wish, and give YOU the present. You no longer have any mental image of me being kicked in the fork, schwing, or frankly any other portion of my anatomy. It's still happening, but the Keter class memetic infection wipes the image from your mind.

I wish everyone to have a good day on this, MY BIRTHDAY!


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