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Need Help Customizing Sci Fi Dungeon

No. I would argue that Space Marines probably use them less than the rest of the Imperium.

I've read most of them being used in 40k fiction so by all means, go for it. I read a lot of that stuff so I'm glad I could help.

Just as an update Silver and Lord, I now am 6 rooms short of my fifty rooms and I wanted to thank you for helping me in this endeavor. I still have the random monster encounter chart that I think will become necessary in this game and I have the Koronus Bestiary, Mark of the Xeno and Creatures Anathema to help me with this. I will be adding daemons, xeno's and probably human cultists and space marines to the mix.

Just remember if the party is making a lot of noise, increase the chances of random encounters.

You're very welcome. Have fun.

As an update I have the list completed of the encounters that I want to include in this adventure. Without looking in the Creatures Anathema I have 15 separate daemonic, xeno and human encounters. I have one horde battle and may expand that to 2 or 3. I think keeping it random will randomize the general atmosphere of the game. Each one with challenges in itself. While the list is completed, I'm having a hard time coming up with the number of each monsters. I use the term monster for 1 entity in the game with statistics and while I two players so far I have a potential 2 or 3 more players. Lord I guess this question would be for you or anybody else knowing a little about Dark Heresy Setting. Not being like Dungeons and Dragons with a Challenge Rating, how would anybody populate individual encounters such as number of beings if they are equally or tougher than the players.

set up the game for your two players, but keep additional enemies available to bump up the encounters to make it a challenge for the players, if the others show up. Since I am not sure about if its a level based system or a skill based system. So I would base it off of player versus monster, one on one.

Definitely skill based system. different skills and talents give the monsters access to 'things' that they might do. It's a percentile based game as well with melee and ranged attacks having to roll under a percentage dice. The rolls can have bonuses or penalties. Weapons are included with the monster stat block to do certain type of damage so its all easily accessed. I tend to keep encounters that already have the information at my disposal. There are rules for creating your own 'monster' but I tend to keep it simple. While FFG has come out with several Bestiaries, it would be nice if the game company came out with a methodical and large game compilation of easy to reference monsters and encounters for the game. I think it could be quite the sell.

Not talking about making a new monster, add an extra monster per player.


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