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Chapter 9: Thump, THUNK, Thump

"Yes, Sir!" replies Marin taking the torch.

As she waits for Caedmon, se turns to her brother while checknig her sword and armor "Keep an eye on Betsy when you can, will you Leo? Please?" she says in a low voice, just to not disturb her superior. Taking her bow off her back, she hands it to him "I'm not going to need it in such a small passage, it will hinder more than help me"

Receiving his summons from Ken, Caedmon quickly made his way over to the corporal and upon hearing his orders he joined Marin in the passage, now revealed. With a grin at Marin, "Would you like to take point, Marin or shall I?" either position was fine with him as he calmed his breathing and allowed for his
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senses to scan the depths of the passage. He had pulled his dagger in order to help with anything that might need
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searching. Best to probe with one's blade than to be sorry you probed with your hands.

Marin just arches an eyebrow at the display of chivlary from Caedmon

"I'll go first, if it is the same to you" she says with a smile. "Be careful with the torch"

Saluting her superior with herfree hand, she enters the passage and starts descending being mindful of possible loose stones or things like that.

Once at the bottom, the goes a couple of steps ahrad to give Caedmon space to arrive and keepr guard, eyes and ears open to any sound.

Chapter EndI'm going to call an end to this chapter here so we can document the exploration in its own thread.

Everyone gets 200xp for surviving the lengthy delays and fits and starts of this chapter.


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