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AFAIK, sneak damage does not have a saving throw (it has it's own conditions that it won't work under though) so it wouldn't be affected by the spell damage being halved or negated. Sneak attack is worked out separately from the originating attack as a rogue bonus if you're not fighting something immune to critical hits, constructs, or the undead.

I'm not so sure with the spell resistance, though. A spell that fails to penetrate SR has no effect (unless specified otherwise...such as a few spells in CM, I believe), which would seem to indicate that it would no longer qualify as a spell that deals damage (HP, ability, or negative levels; yeah, I checked, those last two also qualify).

Originally Posted by Zuriel View Post
What if the spell damage is halved or negated by a saving throw? Would the sneak attack damage also be affected?

And how about if the spell was negated by spell resistance? Cancel the sneak attack damage completely, I presume?
Only spells that have an attack roll can be enhanced by Sneak Attack. You'll note that spells with attack rolls don't have saving throws. The entire point of a saving throw for half is to offer a bit of a reduction from most spells' "auto hit". Allowing a save on a spell with an attack roll is tantamount to double jeopardy.

As for SR, yep. The spell must overcome SR to do damage. If the spell is negated, no damage. No damage, no Sneak Attack damage.

Pretty much everything you need to know about Sneak Attack is covered in the 3.5 Rules of the Game articles series All About Sneak Attacks. Be sure to read all four parts.

Originally Posted by DrMorganes View Post
You'll note that spells with attack rolls don't have saving throws. The entire point of a saving throw for half is to offer a bit of a reduction from most spells' "auto hit".
See: Inflict [X] Wounds, Harm, etc.

Also disintegrate, which hits all three defenses.

In the absence of an official ruling, I'd say that reduced damage still gives you the sneak attack, while completely negated damage wouldn't (similar to the way that an attack which is negated via damage reduction doesn't carry secondary effects like poison, stunning, or disease). But that's just my houserule.

DR and energy resistances, even if they're sufficient to effectively negate the attack's non-SA damage, don't negate the application of SA damage (though they are capable of reducing that damage as normal)

example: an attack deals 3 damage against a target with DR 5/-, but also qualifies for 3d6 SA damage
the attack will result in at least one damage, maximum 16, average 8.5

SR is special in that it functions, essentially, as a momentary immunity

Right but A sneak attack is pinpoint strike, if the entirety of the attack is negated why would the sneak attack damage carry through? Its a pinpoint strike that essentially "missed", so no damage.

Thats the issue with SR. The Strike didnt Miss. The spell was simply Negated.

Also with DR. The strike didnt miss it was simply not so effective as it would have been normally.

Right but did the spell hit its target, and deliver it's effect?

Does anyone know of a good source for balanced homebrew monsters (besides D&D wiki)? And I would also appreciate it if someone knows of a website that gives you help with designing new monsters.

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