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Corpsetakers - ya can be very good in a deck like this. Those could make a second Harpy possibly worth it.

So I just realized that I have 200 dust. And I also realized that you can craft a second card. I thought you could only craft the first one, not duplicates. Do you think I should make a duplicate Sunwalker and Crystal Lion for the deck? I have enough to create one of each.

And - Ya, I think those would fit well with what you are doing. And Sunwalker is Classic so always be in Standard. And crystal lion just fits so well with drygulch jailor, shields focus, minion and buff focused deck.

I'm going to start reworking my deck based on your advice @Cleric8092 but I was wondering what you thought of the the gameplay.

The first round, I was just burdened with bad card draw. I'm not sure if you were going easy on me or not, but lasting 9 rounds with bad card draw made me feel pretty good about the deck.

The second round, I can only assume you were pulling punches, but Frost Lich Jaina can also be kind of like that... it's a late bloomer, but a real powerhouse, so maybe round two you got stuck with card draw issues?

Round 2 was more like how the deck tends to play. I very rarely have such few options as I did in round 1, so I was wondering what you thought about the strategy. Did you see any obvious weaknesses in my gameplay? I thought it was kind of funny that for the first three rounds I summoned Silver Light and you blasted it with your Fireblast. Most people ignore the first Silver Light I summon, assuming I was overeager and wasted my Coin on a weak minion, which makes it an easy early stage choice for buffs.

Ya, I think our fortunes reversed from game 1 to 2. I didn't get Jaina or Artificer (1 cost 1,2 elemental that gives armor based on cost of spell cast). Got my late game stuff for vs slow, control decks instead.

Solid budget deck it seemed to me. And I think will do even better with some swaps and tweaks.

Play seemed good. When you can, get rid of enemy minions early. Since don't have much removal outside of Consecration if you fall behind. I think it's a solid mid cost minion based mid / aggro budget deck and you seem to play it well and enjoy it.

I know I focused on mage a long while before branching out. Don't be afraid to stick with what you like. Or to dabble or dive in with other classes. Cheers.

Most likely last legendary of Boomsday - The Storm bringer. Yuck. (7 cost shaman spell turn your minions into random legendary minions.) Definitely time to start saving for next set.

Just crafted Luna Stargazer for a tempo mage. Have to be careful not to overdraw with her. Rule for self. If mage draw wpn equipped. Do NOT draw any more cards.

Ugh... I finally got through my quests. Play 50 Battlecry minions, play 30 Rogue class cards.

BlueSky21, dragged out a fight until we ran out of cards so I could finally finish those 2 stupid quests. I've never been a fan of the Rogue cards. I built one that's somewhat functional, but still not good enough to get me to Shieldbearer. Making me grind those quests out on a battlefield with Rogue was almost enough to make me consider deleting the quests.

I've got a new one to win with Mage or Shaman. I haven't dusted off my Frost Lich since Dr. Boom came out and she kept getting thumped. So I'm looking forward to seeing what she is capable of versus the current setups.

Ya. With the 50g quest minimum. I've started to take a 2nd chance on even 60 g ones I don't want to grind out. Especially the win x of a class I don't want to try. Rather Play x cards in casual and let foes win.

Interesting Brawl. Won first game with a Mana Wyrm, Sorcerer's Apprentice, Flamewaker, and something Mage. Vs another Mage. Played vs a Mage in my 2nd game. But had more fun going second with Coin...

Counterfeit Coin (1 of my 2), both Prep (didn't get either of my Shadowstep and I think something else is better - maybe Wisps, and played a free - Prepped Portal and my 14,14 going second Turn 1 Edwin.

The above Post is objectively wrong. Double Snowflipper Penguin is the correct swap, not Wisps. Just ask the Lich King. Swap made.
*4th Mage beat me. Kudos to them. Now going dbl back stabs for sorcerers apprenti

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