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Ya. Wasnt one of my favorite brawls either and took me a handful of tried to get one win and move on.

Neat to wait and evaluate fresh. Good luck with your pulls.

Time to Rumble! Expansion is released.

I got Warlock spirits and Hireek. Not all that jazzed, but will take 'em.
(Will craft Jana'lai if don't get one. And join the likely throng of folks trying Jana'lai out in Mage / Odd Mage / Odd Big Spell Mage / Big Spell Mage / EleMage, etc)

*Bwansomdi. (Not planning to try / play it. But it does worry me from a - might get outvalued by it from foes standpoint.)
*Hakkar, the Soulflayer. (see above)
*Shirvallah. Strong card. Some good, mid cost / expensive spells to help reduce its cost. The 7 cost spell A New Challenger is good. Spirit costing 4 - and a 0/3 minion... Seems might get run over by aggro. Though Pyro/Equality/Consecration - and heals. Paladin can do well vs aggro. We'll see.
*Mojomaster Shihi (sp)

5 legendaries. About 15 or so Epics. From about 85 packs. (Including 6 given)

Was able to get to a FireSide Gathering Saturday. Was neat to open my Pre-Ordered 17 packs ahead of time and play a few games with 'em. Good stuff. Possibly help 'smooth' things a bit on Release Date with some folks having already opened their PreOrder packs. Not opening 17 packs I have left from earned gold. So other kiddo (who wasn't there with me Saturday) can open this 17.

Good luck to all

Out of 50 packs plus the 6 free ones I'm honestly disappointed. I seem to recall pulling way more legionaries/epics in previous releases. Perhaps just bad luck of the draw this time?

Ironically the card I am most stoked for is Sul'thraze lol. Time to retool my warrior deck!

3 legendary out of 56 packs is about average I think. But I hear ya. Sometimes 30 to 50 is enough to feel you should get more than you get. I plan to get about 100 total for the set after using earned gold throughout his week. That should give me all rares pretty much. Most epics i want. And will craft just maybe one legendary and one or a few epics and mostly wait to see before I craft anything else. (80 packs for a new set is sometimes a good - alright time to start saving for the next set point.)

Crafted Jana'alai. Faced an odd mage. (Playing non odd - elemental, big spell mage.) Not a fan of mirror. Just - who gets DK Jaina first. I did have a big fatigue advantage if my DK Jaina wasn't in my bottom 7 or so cards. Oh well.

Faced non odd paladin (Thanks!) next. Beware. Control Paladin with double Baleful Bankers to put two Shirvalla in deck. Then double 5 cost spell - draw a card and deal dmg equal to card cost on both Shirvalla. I was feeling something was up when they were drawing like crazy. Went Arcane Articer into Flamestrike after DK Jaina had gained me armor and full health. Barely, barely survived to hold onto win. (If they had a Silverlight Champ or another 4 or more dmg weapon to follow, would have won - maybe keep that in mind if you want to try that combo.)

Brawl this week is Standard Brawliseum with a free first play ticket. Neat time to do this. When meta is uncertain. Was tempted to try some aggro. Maybe Odd Rogue. But built a big spell, EleMage with Jan'alai. Since it's what I'm most familiar with. (Not locked in yet, but probably will use it.) Good luck to all.

Sorry my friend. Hope some come for ya in packs soon.

Jazzed. Went 9-3 in Brawliseum.

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