World of Farland

A world conquered by evil and ruled by the Lords of Sin; A unique campaign setting designed to be used with all editions of D&D.

Latest Farland Update

The World of Farland's romantic February update has arrived. This month we give you:
  • Constellations of the World of Farland. Read about what the people of Farland have seen in the stars (and see it yourself!)
  • A new class option, the Sin Pact Warlock. Make a bargain with one of the Deadly Lords of Sin....
  • Daxis, a CR 6 Sin Pact Warlock NPC. He's made a terrible pact with the Lord of Greed....

Thanks to yithril for the Sin Pact and Daxis, and thanks to WhoEvrIwant2b for mechanics editing.

Check it out here:

And follow us on twitter: @Farland_World

Roll those dice!

The World of Farland's Ides of March update is here. This month we bring to you:
  • A new background, Former Minion of Evil. You used to serve an evil creature, perhaps one of the Lord of Sin themselves...
  • A new spell, Portable Road. Bring your road with you...
  • New art of a bad-ass warrior from one of the diverse cultures of the southern continent of Eruna.

Thanks to @ChaosHarbinger for consultation and @WhoEvrIwant2b for consultation and mechanics editing.

Check it out here:

And follow us on twitter: @Farland_World

Game on!


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