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Character concept help?

Ooh, the rarely used Anointed Knight. Interesting thought. Anoint Self is basically mutagens. Anoint Blade doesn't really fit as well, but it works. Problem is, it's a lot of investment for minimal return. Same applies to the Warrior of Darkness except that they seem to get even less. Either class does fit the idea of mutated warriors, but that's about it. On the other hand, you're a primarily martial character, so it's not like most Prestige classes are giving you all that much.

Anointed Knight is cool. It's nothing special, really, but it does let you get an intelligent weapon.

I hadn't really thought of refluffing that for a Witcher-type, but it does work quite well. Warrior of Darkness probably fits better, if you could persuade your DM to homebrew a less evil version. It's not a super-powerful PrC (as is common for the martial types, you get stuff, it's all just too limited or too slow) but at low levels getting inherent bonuses early is nice, you can get OK bonus feats (still worse than straight Fighter at this point), Malign Fury is nice to have, the DR and SR are too weak (though if you upgrade the DR to /silver, maybe, that's a bit better), but actually Darkling Weapon is pretty cool - it's as cheap as a L1 potion, lasts a long time, and can be used to pick Bane or elemental enhancements dynamically (albeit with 3 rounds of prep) which gives you a modicum of additional flexibility. You don't necessarily need to take all the levels.

There's a bit of an attribute split with Ranger (you're Wis-based, with SotAO you're partially Int-based, and for Warrior of Darkness may or may not need some Cha to get the benefits you want when you want them) but, eh, it's not the end of the world.

On the other hand, there's an argument in favour of straight Order of the Shooting Star Ranger with Sword of the Arcane Order, mainly thanks to the casting (*cough* Wraithstrike?). You can potentially do some funky things with CL here, too, but it's a lot of effort for little benefit, I think, and loses sight of the theme somewhat.

Occult Slayer/Warrior of Darkness feels more thematic and is strong enough in other ways (Occult Slayer is an actually good PrC, especially around the L6-10 range when your abilities are still quite novel).


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