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Soulknife: Form Mind Armaments

Soulknife: Form Mind Armaments

Hey Weavers,

I have a bit of a query regarding the Soulknife, specifically regarding the Form Mind Armaments class feature of the Armored Blade Archetype as well as the interplay between the class feature and the Crystaline Foci.

Firstly: any 'armour' worn using the archetype imposes ACP, Max Dexterity and Movement Penalties as the armor described as it is treated as, yes?

Secondly: is there any way to reduce the ACP, Max Dexterity or Movement Penalties like you would ordinarily with Special Materials? I have looked, but I'm not overly familiar with Psionics and can easily of missed something obvious!

Thirdly: the Crystal Spaulders state they grant a number of Customisation Points equal to the Enhancement Bonus of the Crystal Spaulders. I'm assuming that these can not be used to choose customisations that require an Aegis level because that seems like the most likely thing.

1) That's correct, the armor is treated in all ways (except appearance) as the armor indicated.
2) Not directly that I'm aware of, but there is the Improved Armor bladeskill that "upgrades" the armor type replicated which may reduce the penalties.
3) The crystal spaulders don't actually give you customization points for Mind Armor, by my reading. The bonus customization points are in the "When an astral suit is formed..." paragraph, and no such wording exists in the "When mind armor is created..." section.

Agree with all the above; regarding #2, as far as I know, the only way to reduce armor penalties is Mithril (material aspect so no good) or Twilight (which only helps with ASF, which has no effect on psions). There is Halfweight, from Underdark, which would be a +3 enhancement bonus to make it count as light armor and weight half of its usual weight, but oddly enough doesn't change any Max Dex or ACP, though I would think an argument could be made to have those appropriately adjusted.

As well the description for it - despite being an enhancement bonus -- makes it a construction issue, citing superior engineering, but it also brings up psionic circuitry as being a possible reason for the reduction in weight, so with a very lenient and open DM it's a possibility if you include the above, but RAW I don't see a way to reduce it.

EDIT: Whoops, saw the Pathfinder bit after writing this all up. Welp...disregard lol Just thought it was some 3.5 homebrew, my bad.

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