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Anyone else?

The char sheet building helps me define the char. Like i sually have a rough idea for what i wanna do in my head, but as i start picking feats and archtypes and things of that nature, the picture becomes much more focused.

I'm the complete opposite!

Generally, I switch genders of PCs every other PC I make, so that's where I begin: am I making a male or female PC? Then, I go for race. I almost never pick humans - after all, I'm a human, so I already know how those work and the fun of RPGs for me is playing a role unlike my own. From there, I'll pick a class, more often based on what a party needs (in an existing game) or whatever role is being selected the least (in a recruitment for a new game).

That's usually enough for me to get the beginnings of the voice in my head.

From there, I'll write the background and that really solidifies the idea of who I'm making. Feats, skills, equipment - all the stuff I generally don't care much about - comes in at the very end when I'm finishing up my sheet and filling in the blanks for submission purposes.

But in all honesty, I never really "know" the character I'm making until I begin to play as him or her. From there, it usually just flows out organically as far as a "voice" for the PC goes.


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