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A Pathfinder 5th level enchanter wizard halfling

A Pathfinder 5th level enchanter wizard halfling

What are good feats, and why do you thing those are good picks.

Originally Posted by Bleakspider View Post
What are good feats, and why do you thing those are good picks.
improved initiative, spell focus (enchantment), greater spell focus (enchantment), heighten spell.

Spell Penetration and Greater Spell Penetration.

greater penetration is maybe not quite a good choice this early in one's career, but it's a solid choice, and spell penetration is a feat you better have before the foes start showing they have SR.

It really depends on what you want to do with your character. If in doubt, there a Wizard guides and handbooks online that you can look up.

Improved Initiative is good for everyone because going first matters, a lot. Personally I'm not super-keen because it's kind of a bit boring, it's just a numerical bonus, and its usefulness also depends a bit on the DM and the situations you find yourself in, but there's no denying that it's useful.

Spell Focus and Greater Spell Focus are a little bit underwhelming (in 3.0 they offered a +2 bonus each, but this was deemed too much) but they're good for anyone focusing in save-or-else spells from a specific school (like your typical enchanter). You want to make those spells stick; if people make the DCs, your actions are often wasted.

Spell Penetration and Greater Spell Penetration are not that great. Beating SR can be quite important at the higher levels, just as pumping DCs is, but these feats are situational (they only apply some of the time), the bonus is not that big, and as a Wizard you have plenty of no-SR backup options as well as other ways to get past SR (more so in 3.5, maybe, but still true in PF I think). Plus they're boring again. I almost never take these as a result; they're not awful choices but don't take them at L5, and even later I'd rather go with something more interesting.

Depending on the type of game, I'm quite a fan of some of the intrigue feats like Conceal Spell/Cunning Caster. Honestly, these are not good feats; in typical Paizo style you need to spend sometimes more than one feat to accomplish situational little tricks which out to be covered already by skills (3.5's skill tricks were a much better way of dealing with these sorts of things). Conceal Spell requires that you take another bad feat first, and even then it's not that great. However, it's a lot more fun than a flat + to something, and it's exactly the right sort of thing a stealthy and manipulative enchanter might want to engage in.
(By the way, both these feats do basically the same thing in different ways... I'm not really sure what happens if you take both, clearly the author of whichever came second just didn't bother to check that their idea already existed...)

If you have time to use it, Craft Wondrous Item is good for basically anyone who meets the prereqs, and Wizards especially. With PF's crafting rules, you can essentially create any item with a moderately high Spellcraft score (which as a Wizard you shouldn't struggle too much with) and you don't even have to spend XP any more, you just get everything half price. This can really boost your power and notably lets you do things like getting a better Headband of Int sooner, which will boost your DCs again (as well as providing more spell slots), etc.

If the character is going to use save or suck spells, take a look at the chronomancer archetype. They give up their familiar to receive temporal points. If the spell total fails (e.g. some makes a save for a save or suck), a temporal point(s) can immediately be spent to recover the spell. 1pt will recover a 1st through 3rd level spell. 2 pts for a 4th through 5th, and so on.

Extend, piercing, persistent , and jinxed spell are useful metamagic feats. If the character takes one of the metamagic cost reducing traits, they can be very useful at 5th level.

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