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Originally Posted by Shozurei View Post
In Pathfinder, are there any rules about swinging from a rope? Or any rope-like object?
There is Expert Boarder which implies such acts are the providences of Acrobatics and Climb skills.

Dnd 5e

Anyone got any ideas on issues I might consider on whether or not Thunderwave could be used to free a spellcaster in a 'buried alive' situation?

ex: at best you could only use this to blast out if under 10ft of depth ; If not successfull you take damage like being inside with a contained explosion ; If you fail everything you pushed out coming crashing back down on top you for more damage ; does packed earth count as a 'secured object' ; etc

------------ <-Ground level
[5ft] Dirt [ ]
[5ft] <Caster in burial wrap> [Dirt]

The hands need to be free and the caster needs to be able to talk, so if the character is buried to immobility or the mouth covered with earth it might be difficult. But on those examples the GM 's word has more impact. In general terms, a GM usually doesn't have the goal of killing a character in some meaningless way, so if you have your character struggle a bit and think about their situation before resolving to Thunderwave-blasting the earth around them as a last resort, there is a good chance the GM will let it work.

Dnd 5e -

Im guessing hexblades 'accursed spectre' ability just summons a specter in the visage of the slain opponent correct?

It isn't a spectre with all the remaining abilities etc the person had in life before you brought them back as a specter? ex: You kil the BBEG'sl 12th level monk lt, bring it back as a spectre 12th level monk.


Does the 'thirsting blade' invocation stack with extra attack feature and make it work like recieving EA from two different classes?


Can I use if i've already done a reroll via ?

Both require an immediate action, so no, you have to choose one.


Does a Ring of Sustenance cost more to make if it's designed to feed a creature larger than Medium?

Like, say, a Colossal dragon who might go through 4-5 cows a day?

No. The same Ring of Sustenance that sustains a Grig can sustain a Great Wyrm with no additional difficulty.

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