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Looking Build and Feat advice for Dwarf Spell breaker Inquisitor

Looking Build and Feat advice for Dwarf Spell breaker Inquisitor

Got a Mythic game coming up and i plan to play a Dwarfish Spell Breaker inquisitor .
I plan to take the spell killer Inquisition

I need advice on my feat and mythic feats i should take

As my username suggests - I dig Clerics. And Oracles. And Inquisitors.
I just haven't had a Game go past level 7 or so yet. And never tried a Spell Breaking type build. And so out of my element to provide any input.

Not at all sure about Mythic, but if you're a Spellkiller, you probably want Step Up to stay next to retreating casters. Spell Breaker covers your defensive bases fairly well, so I'd focus on offense and mobility. I believe Mythic may offer some options there.

If anything, Mythic makes that trickier because so many things use swift actions. If you're planning to use Step Up a lot, you need to think carefully about which Mythic abilities you take. I'd also feel happier with some kind of reach weapon or something (though Step Up is still good to have). If you can get the Disruptive like then that's worth having too - essentially you want to get close and make it as difficult as possible for people to cast. I'm not sure how well this works for an Inquisitor, mind.

He said he had the Spellkiller Inquisition, which gives you Disruptive at first level. I'm not quite sure what else is in the line , but everything I see requires fighter levels or arcane pool, so no go for the Inquisitor.

Of note, there is a Mythic version of Disruptive that amps up the DC significantly.

It's true that Mythic Builds often end up starved for swift actions, something I hadn't considered. Which means if you go Step Up, you probably need to get Following Step and Step Up and Strike to get the best bang out of that action.

Disruptive is probably the most useful one. Everything else is nice but feels like not so much benefit for the investment.

Mythic Disruptive is only adding half your tier, so it only starts to get good at higher tiers. I guess even a +1 or +2 is nice when talking about Concentration checks, but it feels... well, not very Mythic.

I'd probably pursue the whole Step Up line, though it's sort of diminishing returns again. Following Step is slightly bizarre in that you can move up to 10ft, but only to get adjacent to a foe 5ft away. Still, it gives you a bit more flexibility, and doesn't rob you of your 5ft step next turn, so it's good for positioning. It's a fairly fringe benefit for a feat, though. Step Up and Strike is pretty good since it essentially means that 5ft steps provoke - but only once per turn, since you need to spend your immediate action - plus the benefits of Step Up... it's quite a lot of investment by this point for just 5ft steps, though.

Mythic Step Up actually might not be awful because it expands that to all movement, which prevents Acrobatics and Withdraw, but it still has a lot of limitations. Also as written it's kind of weird - you take the immediate action as they move away from you, which presumably means they are only 5ft away at that point - then you attack, but then they carry on moving. Thus, the extra movement doesn't help at all? The intent seems to be for you to follow them all the way and then attack, but you'd better hope then that you have a greater speed than them. Perhaps a DM will let you make an attack at the last possible moment? Anyway, it doesn't help with the immediate actions.

Following Step is utter garbage that is taken only because Step Up and Strike is actually good. OK, slight exaggeration, it does allow some flexibility in positioning, but it's not worth a feat.

One of the oddities about Step Up and Strike is that it never actually defines when the attack takes place. It's reasonable to assume that it's at the end of the movement, but the feat never actually says that. Less of an issue until Mythic Step Up is added to the mix and it's getting triggered by things other than 5' steps.

I think that the ability to take your 5ft step still on the next round is more useful than the 10ft movement, but you're right, it's very weak for a feat regardless. They could just have combined Following Step and Step Up and Strike into one feat - SU&S is decent but paying three feats for the whole chain hurts.

Which is Pathfinder in a nutshell. Ah well.

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