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Academically-minded healer/buffer?

Academically-minded healer/buffer?

So if wizards are bookish and can be necromancers, laying curses and hexes and raising the dead, can an intelligent, spellbook-loving or otherwise academic character specialise in powerup spells, enhancements and bolstering life? A...zoimancer, might be the word? Or albumancer? I like zoimancer/zoomancer.

I'll have to check later, but I think the bardic sage variant might qualify, depending on how many buffing spells they get. Cloistered cleric too, possibly, they have a lot of skill points and fit the theme. An egotist psion might also work but isn't that good for supporting others...Raise Dead and other top notch healing spells would be nice, but aside from the high level Clone spell, I'm not sure how a heavily Int-focused caster can get those...

Cloistered Cleric with the right domains (maybe Healing & Transformation) might fit the bill. They can buff themselves or the rest of the party.

Also don't forget about druids! They can heal and buff and are (usually) concerned with life. They may not fit the "bookish" theme right away, but I'm sure you could style it appropriately, such as a druid enclave focused on study rather than camping & hiking.

A cleric with the knowledge domain and a decent Intelligence score could be good enough, depending on what you are specifically looking for. When you focus on buffing and boosting health you don't need high DCs or spell penetration. A Wizard can be great for some buffing too, as well as a bard, like you said.

The Archivist I personally would not recommend to anyone. I was told to play it in one game and the experience was so bad, I'd rather try out the True Namer that always gets slammed instead of playing an Archivist again.

Hmm, the Witch class in Pathfinder seems to fit what I'm after, what with a lot of healing magic but being an intelligence-based caster. With the right 'patron' they could gain access to some more buff spells, too...

But that does seem to be the bottleneck of the issue; in 3.5 access to healing and restorative spells by arcane spellcasters seems to be incredibly rare, but at the same time wizards/sorcerers get some unique buff spells like Haste and Polymorph that clerics/druids can't easily replicate (though there's some cleric domains that can do it).
And going Mystic Theurge to try and get both means skipping out on the most, powerups, that each class would have on its own...

Hmm...the opposite question, then, if I went with a divine spellcaster for healing, summons, buffs, etc, and either Cleric for Raise Dead and unlife-turning or Druid for Wild Shape, how would I go about gaining access to a handful of the buffs on the wizard/sorcerer spell list? Aside from the aforementioned Mystic Theurge possibility? Domain spells?

What level are you starting?

My favorite 3.5 arcane buffer/healer is the War Weaver. Depending on how you build, you can go for Rainbow Servant for access to the Cleric list or Knight of the Weave + Ultimate Magus for dual casting goodness with some healing spells on the list. A Drakehelm gets you another 4 from different lists, I'm a fan of Heal taken as a 5th level spell from the Adept.

There's an excellent handbook for it here. You can tone the optimization way, way down and still be effective so don't feel the need to adhere to all the CharOp advice being given.

Archivist seems most thematically appropriate for what you're after. They have no issues with learning any Cleric spell, including Domain spells, so that covers a decent bunch of what you're after. Then they can also learn Druid, Ranger and Paladin spells if they spend the time and money on it. If the game world uses Divine Bards, the Bard spells are all legal for learning as well. Basically you can get pretty much anything you need for this with an Archivist. It might costs you a bit to scribe the stuff into your book though, depending on how many Non-Cleric spells you're going for.

knowledge devotion+archivist+paragnostic assembly membership. Can't get more brainy divine caster then that


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