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Equipment for a Feral Champion Warpriest / Shifter.

Equipment for a Feral Champion Warpriest / Shifter.

I'm getting a backup character ready for my Pathfinder game and I'm not certain what items to get him. He's a kitsune Warpriest (Feral Champion archetype) with one level of Adaptive Shifter. That means he can't wear any metal. The only item I'm definitely going to get is an Amulet of Mighty Fists. I'm also considering the Helm of the Mammoth Lord to get him a Gore attack, but I'm open to suggestions for a better item in the head slot.

I have two feat plans up to level 11. The first plan assumes that the Feral Champion Warpriest can use Weapon Focus to make other natural attacks into Sacred Weapons like a regular Warpriest can do with manufactured weapons. The second plan is if the GM says I can't do that and only his claws can be a Sacred Weapon.

He's Dex based and the only manufactured weapon he owns is a bow for when he can't get into melee.

So, does anyone have any suggestions about equipment - both armor and magical?

Hello there @Shozurei! It would help potential advisers to assist you if they knew a couple of key factors with your character.

How much Wealth does your character have?
What level is your character currently?
What Stats does it have?

As general item advice for what seems to be a natural weapon focused character:
-Amulet of Mighty Fists and/or Body Wraps of Mighty Strikes will be a must have to grant your natural weapons enhancements your sacred weapon can not cover.
-Armor will greatly depend on your Dexterity score as there is no sense in advocating for Full Plate if your Dexterity Modifier is going to take a huge hit in the process. Take the best you can afford and enchant it with the best add-on effects you can afford, but don't put more than +1 on it since you can easily just drop Magic Vestment on yourself for a quick armor boost.
-Weapons: Natural Attacks are great, but make sure you have at least a few back ups for odd situations (ex. A big ol' stick for oozes) and do not neglect ranged options since there are plenty of ways for a melee character to be in harms reach but not the other way around. Training Enchantment is pretty nice and when you combo it with Warpriest by having eg. a Training Dagger with Weapon Focus (Dagger) on it.
-Deliquescent Gloves are nice as well. Good for the previously mentioned Ooze situations and automatic Corrosive on your claws doesn't hurt.

Well, he's a backup for if my current character dies, so he'll have wealth by level for level 17. Barring any stats enhancement items, with the 4 stat boosts from leveling, he will be this:
10 Str, 18 Dex, 16 Con, 14 Int, 14 Wis, 10 Cha.
I was thinking of making him Strength based but kitsunes take a penalty to it.

Never heard of the Body Wraps. Those could be useful, leaving the amulet slot open for something else. I will look up those gloves as well.

All my characters always have a bow for ranged attacks. If they don't have proficiency with Short or Longbows, I give them a crossbow. Or a sling depending on starting gold. Why a stick for Oozes? DR? Or just to keep out of reach of them?

Originally Posted by Shozurei View Post
Why a stick for Oozes? DR? Or just to keep out of reach of them?
Because some of them -Like the Mold, Slime- have harmful effects for those who come into direct contact with them and Wood is the material least likely to trigger such effects.

I like the look of the Gloves. I'm not so sure about the Body Wraps. They only work on a single attack at a time while the Amulet works on all of them.

Originally Posted by Shozurei View Post
I like the look of the Gloves. I'm not so sure about the Body Wraps. They only work on a single attack at a time while the Amulet works on all of them.
The wraps have the advantage on price and maximum bonus, so it just depends on what you need and how much you can afford.

What? You mean you've never played in a dreaded fabled ooze-themed campaign?

Yeah, oozes basically never come up and, frankly, by L17 if you don't have a better backup option than hitting someone with a stick, you're probably in trouble. You've got L6 spells so you probably have something useful you can do in those sort of situations.

If you haven't already, start with the obvious stuff - Belt of stat boosts, Headband of Wis, Natural Armour (see if you can put it on a different slot or combine with Mighty Fists), Deflection, Resistance, etc.

Other classic items which still exist in PF include the Minor Cloak of Displacement (you'll have to combine it with a Cloak of Resistance, though), the Monk's Robe (waaay nerfed relative to the Belt, but it's still +1 AC whilst unarmoured which stacks - and is cheaper than upgrading a Ring of Protection from +3 to +5, though again, you'll have to combine it with the stat-belt... why PF decided to lock out slots for basically everyone, I don't know... why do they even print other belts?), various Ioun Stones (including some new options! Cracked Pale Green Prism for example is a great money-saver - the classic Orange Prism and Dusty Rose Prism are still solid too), and the Wand of Cure Light Wounds.

Body Wraps aren't as good as the amulet on the whole, but you do get least three hits with them at this level, they're a bit cheaper, and they stack with the amulet - there's no reason you can't have, say, Spell Storing Body Wraps which you only use occasionally, or whatever. This is also why the Deliquescent Gloves are good - 1d6 acid isn't much, but it stacks with everything and at this level they're pretty darn cheap.

I also recently discovered this, which lists some class-appropriate items. They're not a lot under Warpriest and it doesn't offer a view as to whether any of those items are any good (some of them are not, really) but it's handy for knowing some of what's out there - some of it is not on PFSRD.

Originally Posted by TheFred View Post
What? You mean you've never played in a dreaded fabled ooze-themed campaign?
If your DM doesn't throw the odd slime at you every now and then, are they really DMing you?

Not like the main point was that Natural Weapon Combat specialists should have back-up options for specific encounters because Pathfinder obviously eliminated the time honored tradition of hauling around the Golf Bag of Weapons for the same reason.


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