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Equipment for a Feral Champion Warpriest / Shifter.

We get thrown the odd dragon actually. Heck, we've killed so many dragons that they have a bounty on some of the party.

I can always give him a kunai as a backup. It can also be used as a tool if needed. (That's actually what a kunai originally was - a gardening tool.)

I don't think a Monk's Robe will be helpful. He can wear armor just fine, he just can't wear metal armor.

Under the Warpriest section of that list, the Vestments of War is the only one that would be useful. The boots might be good if I can't find a better item for that slot. I'm going to look at some of the stuff under the Random Cool Stuff section.

Part of the problem is some slots have multiple items that can be useful. And I don't think the GM will let me give my kitsune custom or merged items until I'm actually playing him in the game. Unless I give him an item creation feat. Wonder how Bestial Rags will work will the Adaptive Shifter archetype.

Well, the GM is fine with me giving him a combined Amulet of Mighty Fists/Natural Armor. And I don't have to split the bonuses between an attack bonus and the armor bonus. My party members also suggested using Bracers of Armor since the bonus can go up to a +8 and it doesn't have an ACP or Max Dex. It's actually a better fit since the GM has a houserule on armor that only lets them get up to +5 including abilities.

I'm definitely going to give him the Craft Wondrous Items feat. It'll help on costs and it makes sense for him to be able to make things himself. He lives in the woods most of the time and has to be self-sufficient. I would only have to buy rings at full cost unless someone else crafts them.

If you have a very high Dex, going unarmoured may actually be better. A +1 haramaki still wins out in terms of price per AC, but is limited to +6 whereas bracers go up to +8 (and if you have a friendly caster with Mage Armour, that's cheaper still until you're hitting those higher levels). At that point the Monk's Robe is worthwhile as it's just a cheaper +1 (with some extra benefits like unarmed strike - maybe not so useful for you).

If I can afford a full Belt of Physical Perfection, his dex will be bumped up to 22. The GM has also approved of a merged Muleback Cords of Resistance. Even with a bag of holding and no regular armor, the weight of his carried items can still add up. Ioun Stone Bonuses don't stack, do they? Not unless they specifically say so.

There are too many decent choices for in the body slot for my guy. Monk's Robe, Vestments of War, Lupine Robe.... Bleagh. I think I've got things for the rest of the slots picked out. All I need to do is pick out the body item and then see which stacked bonuses item can't be full just yet. The one that I'm definitely going to make full straight off the bat will be the Amulet as it determines the attack bonus.

Ok, I've slowly gone over the options for every item slot, and I think I've got all but the body slot figured out.

Hands: Deliquescent Gloves
Neck: Agile Amulet of Mighty Fists and Natural Armor
Shoulders: Muleback Cords of Resistance
Headband: Headband of Inspired Wisdom
Wrist: Bracers of Armor
Belt: Belt of Physical Might (Dex and Con)
Chest: Mantle of Faith
Head: Helm of the Mammoth Lord
Feet: Boots of Striding and Springing
Eyes: Lenses of Detection
Rings: Ring of Sustenance and Ring of Protection
Slotless: Bag of Holding I and 3 Ioun Stones for +2 to Str, Int, and Cha.

And even with paying full price for the rings and the enhancement to his longbow, by restricting the other items to a Good alignment with GM allowance to knock off 30%, I can afford everything to be a full bonus.

Are there any items that give a shield bonus but aren't shields? Other than the Ring of Force Shield as both ring slots are taken by Ring of Sustenance and Ring of Protection. The spell Shield isn't a Warpriest spell so he'd have to use UMD each time he uses a wand of it, which runs the risk of destroying it through a nat one.

How would a natural 1 on a UMD check destroy a wand? Are you activating your identified wand blindly? If no, the worst a natural 1 will do with UMD is make you unable to activate it for 24 hours..and only if 1+(your skill modifier)=failed

Hm. I had always been under the impression that a nat 1 destroyed the wand. Maybe it was a houserule or something.

In general a Natural 1 on skills is just a 1, nothing special about it; The natural 1 & 20 rules only apply to attacks and saves. Some skills (like UMD or Craft) have something extra for failing to meet a DC by a large margin (usually 5 or 10 under the DC), such is the case with UMD where a mishap will occur if you attempt to activate an item blindly (DC 25) and fail by 10 or more. If you roll a 1 but can still hit a 16 due to a +15 modifier nothing more than being locked out of the item for 24 hrs happens.

A mishap doesn't typically destroy a wand unless the DM hates you or has some rather extreme houserules. Should you be playing with such drastic rules and fear natural 1s, I would advise buying 50 wands with only 1 charge left in them since it is the same price and you won't toss your money out the window for a bad roll.

Are there any items or classes that can give Talon attacks? A fox-like character having claws on his hind legs makes sense so Talon attacks won't break the theme. I'd prefer a class that wouldn't have it be something like Wild Shape as that would likely get rid of his other natural attacks.


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