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Character concept help?

Character concept help?

Say I wanted to design a Witcher for 3.5. Any suggestions on how to build it? I was thinking at least start as a Ranger...

For the record, I don't mean a homebrew class. I mean trying to make said class in 3.5 with existing material.

I'm thinking it'd be a mix of Ranger, Fighter and Sorcerer/Wizard.

Is this just an exercise in character building, or is this meant for actual play? It might help if you can provide the starting level and an estimate of what level you're ending the game on.

As far as I know (and mind you, I haven't touched 3.5 in about a decade), there is no Witcher class so you'll need to do a lot of multiclassing to even approximate their abilities. I'm guessing this PC won't feel like a Witcher until 10th-12th level.

Meant for actual play. I'm not a min/maxxer, I just REALLY enjoy fun character ideas. Example: My latest character *Though it is for a joke campaign* is a Hobgoblin Wu-Jen/Blood Magus who's going into Ice Mage once he hits 10th level. He's a Cold Blooded Hemogoblin. (Joke)

But I don't mind the slowness. I mean, the training into becoming a Witcher is hard anyway and I don't think any character could even think of calling themselves one before 10th level.

human troll bloodline from unearthed arcana ranger 5/occult slayer 5/suel arcanamach 10

Which elements of the "Witcher" concept do you want to emulate? Witchers are hunters of the supernatural, but they're also these mutant, potion-using guys.

The former is pretty easy - Ranger works well thematically, there's an ACF in Complete Mage which is bang on, and Occult Slayer is not a bad suggestion either (it's one of a very small number of good options for martial characters). You could also add in a dash of magic (something thematically similar to their use of glyphs or runes or whatever it was) with the Sword of the Arcane Order feat from Champions of Valour (and I think there are some appropriate substitution levels there too) - that might actually be preferable to Occult Slayer, depending.

The latter is harder in 3.5 - it's more like (some flavour of) Pathfinder's Alchemist. It's probably best represented in 3.5 by something racial (like Knight's suggestion of the troll bloodline, though personally I would never suggest UA's bloodlines for anything as they should frankly go and die in a fire ) and perhaps actual potion use (not sure how to make that interesting or effective, but there are probably ways buried in a splatbook somewhere). Or, just use spells and refluff it? That's slightly unsatisfying, but may work.

If you really want to go full on alchemy and have as many potions as possible. The artificer in 3.5 can do it easily, especially if you take the alchemist savant prestige class both from Eberron campaign setting.

That said you are taking a big hit to your BAB and hit dice type and Witchers are said to be some of the best martial combatants in their world, skill wise.

The reason I said troll bloodline is because witchers are stronger, tougher and faster then normal humans and they heal faster too on top of improved senses.

intermediate Troll bloodline gives you all that: it nets +2 listen, +2 spot, great fortitude, double natural healing rate, +1 natural armor, great fortitude feat, power attack feat and scent special quality. +1 strength and +1 constitution

while UA bloodlines are mechanically wonky, they can get you witcher-like traits. Being a witcher could also be represented by a custom template of some sort.

Yeah, bloodlines are just an awfully-written piece of ill-thought-out mechanics.

Artificer doesn't feel very Witcher-y, though they can be plenty effective martially and Alchemist Savant might be worth a look (I've never used it, don't really remember what it's like). Otherwise you might be thinking about some other abilities and refluffing them as mutagens (e.g. Druid with Aspect of Nature from UA, Psychic Warrior maybe, something like that) - it depends how closely you want to cleave to the Witcher lore, or whether you just want something thematically similar.

I'm fine with something thematically similar. My DM has his own custom setting in which most things are horrible and it kinda needs professional monster slayers. I mean, when an organization called the Bleak Academy starts a Multi-Planar invasion....

Yeah, it kinda needs some good guys. I even had a half-joke character named Mediocretes who is a cleric of that settings' God of Death (Mostly the concept of 'Everything dies') who's got Monkey Grip and wields a Large Scythe (I worked with the DM to create a custom class, combination of Hunter of the Dead, Sacred Purifier and this Acolyte of the Scythe homebrew class I found)...

I thought about the two 'warrior' classes from BoVD and BoED, the ones that have you create alchemical infusions to drink and oils to put on your blade to make them powerful.... *shrug* (I forget what they're called, I think one is literally 'Warrior of Darkness' or something)

Thanks for all the help though.

So I'm thinking Ranger/Occult Slayer/Annointed Knight (The one from the Book of Exalted Deeds) for a Witcher.... I could possibly talk to my DM about it to get the Sword of the Arcane Order feat involved somehow. The Annointed Knight, with some flavor modifications, could go rather well with Witchers.... Instead of the infusions or whatever they give themselves, they're Mutagens. So... yeah.
Thanks, everyone. I never knew about the Sword of the Arcane Order feat... (Hadn't really gotten the chance to look through the book it's in.)


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