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Anyone else?

Awesome everyone! Thank you for the feedback! ��

Originally Posted by Master_of_Thule View Post
Cheer up, if you would like to play a level 2 fifth edition D&D cleric or druid, there are at least two different game referees looking for just such a character. There is a Hoard of the Dragon Queen advertisement for a generic cleric, and I am running a Primeval Thule game where you could play a priest of Hastur if you like. I have not put up a replacement advertisement yet, but feel free to take a look at the Pantheon information in my game forum. All are welcome to submit 2nd level clerics or druids in the designated sub-folder for consideration; I will prefer human characters.
Cleric of Hastur you say... i may have to look into this

While I get sad that I didn't get selected, I never take it personally. I know I did the best I could on my character, but either someone else just did a better job than I did, or the GM thinks another character would be a better fit for the game. Either way, I know that I did the best I could, and I'm happy with having at least tried.

I feel really let down when my application is not chosen, that's normal because I'm depressive and a pessimist, so it adds up to the bad things... that's why I apply only to games that really get me up and that I hope to win access to on sheer enthusiasm (and trying to follow the guidelines laid out by the game's sponsor).

If I'm being honest, it doesn't bother me a bit. But that may be because I'm a bit of a polar opposite to Svartalf above: I'm not depressive in the least, nor am I a pessimist (though I can surely be cynical with the best of 'em).

In truth, I don't really love applying to games, but it isn't because of being upset when I'm not chosen. The fact is, I want to play a PC, not create one. I want to hear his or her voice, channel it and see how he or she develops; it's the numbers, the feats, and that sort of stuff that tends to bore me.

I do empathize with those of you here who are bothered, though, like the OP. I get that I'm in the minority here. Just figured I'd pop in to share.

Honestly, I do get a little sad. But I usually just look over the character again, make a couple of improvements if I can, and move on. I've come to think of it less as the character isn't right for the game and mroe the game isn't right for the character.

Theres just always so many more characters than there are games to play them in.

yeah, those sting. The intro scene "play for a spot" application really sting. But the best cure for me is to just apply to another and not dwell on it. Hell, the best salve for those is to apply to a few at once. Then any that fail don't hit so hard.

I kind of agree with @Raistlinmc, I don’t enjoy creation all that much. It’s actually playing the character and bringing him/her to life enjoy and thrive on. Sadly that doesn’t get anyone into an open app game lol.

Like I wish I could just say “I promise if I’m accepted you won’t be disappointed” but not many players get accepted that way, if any


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