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Why is point buy so reviled?

Why is point buy so reviled?

Everybody seems to have a giant issue with point buy everywhere I go. It's bad enough I've had people turn down games just because point buy was allowed as an option. And none of them will elaborate on why, the few that have say something always have two answers, which are "Munchkins use it!" and "It's too hard.". But the thing is, it's actually not great for munchkins because most point buy systems have diminishing returns built in that force them to dump stats to get their high stats more than if they just rolled dice, and I've never found it to take any longer than rolling dice either, so I don't get it.

I’ve not experienced that. If it’s an interesting game, folks will apply if it’s PB or not. I suspect it’s not solely PB keeping people from applying to those games.

Edit: To the point, it’s totally not hard unless math simply isn’t a thing at all. And, munchkins will always be munchkins if given an opportunity, whether with points or dice.

So, no - folks will say what they want, but trust me, PB isn’t the issue.

If it is, I haven't noticed.

I have seen very few people turn down games because of point buy. The real issue is usually the amount of points or other stipulations in the creation process that make using point buy less than desirable.

The few times I've been provided with something resembling an intelligible answer to similar questions, it's always been something along the lines of 'rolling stats encourages roleplaying by forcing unexpected weaknesses'.

Personally, I think that's BS, as I believe my own roleplay abilities are far superior on a character I've designed from the ground up than on something that I've had to build around the complications handed to me by random generation. But other people are entitled to their opinions, can do what they want in their own games, etc etc.

I will say that having point buy as a literal option, i.e. in addition to rolling for stats, always struck me as a very bad idea. Either everybody is at the mercy of the dice or no one is; anything in-between seems inherently undesirable. I don't doubt that this (rightfully) turns people off, if it is the case.

I prefer point buy because I want to play the character I want to play- not what I'm forced to play by a random throw of the dice.

If I wanted RNGsus to make my decisions for me, I'd roll for random race, class, gender, age, etc. too.

I also prefer point buy, but I allow rolling dice as an alternative if players want it. Which may be why this keeps coming up, as Dybrar inferred.

The issue with allowing dice for stat rolls, at least in 3.x D&D, is that stats so heavily influence what your character is capable of. Moreso than any other roll, these have the biggest impact by far. What's the difference between a barbarian with 13 and 18 Str? 12 and 18 Con?

I've seen a party that had two rogues and a ranger. One rogue had three 18s, with a 15 as her lowest stat (and yes, we were there when she rolled it). The other rogue had a 16 as his highest stat and most around the 10 range. Imagine which of them had a bigger impact by far?

Point buy just makes it into another calculation to optimize. Cool if that's what you're into, not really a fun use of time if it's not.

I prefer AW where you pick off a list with caveats.


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