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Survival rules in RPG's

Personally, I loathe the need for constant rolls but I want the players to feel the elements when they are present and have to balance their characters accordingly. I have Courage and Willpower stats and if the stat is high enough the character can shrug off most typical elements. Like a SEAL learns to endure pain and discomfort so too do the PC's. Use that attribute as a dump stat, however, and now you are leaning towards getting penalties to actions and losing turns due to weakness. Seems like there is a litany of ways we all bring that to the game though.

Honestly I'd go with maybe one check per hour unless they're in combat, in which case they're not moving about the way they would if not threatened.

That said, not all things in print are meant to be experienced by the PCs. Just because there are stats for it (Dukes of Hell, Demon Princes, hurricanes) doesn't mean it's something to be conquered unless you're playing that kind of game.

Imagine a cog, brigantine, or even caravel dealing with waves big enough to hit the bridge of a supertanker.


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