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ColdFire Knights are recruiting!

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ColdFire Knights are recruiting!

Mirthomir: Broader Travels Revived - Forum
Dungeons & Dragons 4e

Currently, the party is in a strange region of the FeyWild, where everyone sings a song about what they are doing or feeling at least three times a day. Often more.

Game Description:

Continuing 3-year old PbP game from WotC boards (which has now been here what... 6 years?) in a world owned by the Eladrin, a group of adventurers known as the ColdFire Knights based in a neutral trade city between the Eladrin Hegemony (Empire), the Dwarven Kingdoms, the Great Wall, and the Draconic Empires, is recruited to help various families with their problems. At the moment, there is a question of which of Lord Greynbole's children decided to hire Yazyak goblins to attack his outlying farmsteads. WotC's forum debacle struck just as the Greynbole Family Crisis was about to require aggressive negotiations.

The Eladrin discovered this plane a few thousand years ago and started settling it as an ideal paradise. They showed the way to some of their friends, including Gnomes and Halflings, and assorted lesser Fey. Somewhere along the way, Dwarves arrived from the elemental earth plane, but since they were mainly interested in the mountain ranges, that was fine with the Eladrin. Over a few centuries, the Eladrin noticed a number of changes. The more they travelled from and to this plane, the more difficult it became. And some of their children didn't seem to be fully Eladrin. These Elven cousins were still properly fey in most regards, and mostly in the outstretched borders, far from the main Eladrin City. And any born closer in tended to prefer to move to the outskirts anyway.
Then the Orcs and Giants came in from the western border: a massive invasion. All the Fey united with their Dwarven allies put them down. After the war, the Dwarves built a wall running from their mountain range all the way down to the cliffs. Occasional raiders manage to find their way through high mountain passes to the north, but the massive invasions are no longer a factor. Sometimes, a new race, known on other planes as 'human' are part of the raiders. These groups tend to fair much better, and when captured, the humans make excellent labor.
Somewhere along the way, someone got the idea of limiting their indentured servitude, and thus a few free humans are living with the Civilized Fey population. About this time, it was discovered that humans could interbreed with Elves and Eladrin, much to the horror and disgust of Society. While other races find the 'mongrel half-breeds' charming and persuasive, the Eladrin added that to their list of reasons for dispising humans. Even the vilest, blackest Northern Dragonborn was better than these creatures.
When the Infernal realms attempted to invade, they discovered, much like the Eladrin, the more they went back and forth, the harder it became, until they were stuck. Their Shadar-kai and Tiefling slaves managed to escape over time, and run free.
The Dragonborn, as representatives and agents of both of the Dracon Empires of the north, freely wander.

The Wild Lands of the eastern forests have provided much sport. Lord Correlaneus once transported 200 goblinoids from another plane and left them alone for 20 years so he and his progeny could make sport of hunting them down without having to travel. Needless to say this somewhat foolish idea backfired when the goblins escaped their 'territory' and out-bred expectations. They and other creatures they've cross-pollinated with have become a serious nuisance: raiding caravans, kidnapping beautiful village daughters, and even some outright raids.
The city of Clossrandao sits at the intersection of the four major roads, and has a cross-section of all the major species, though there are distinct differences of opinion within the city government and districts. The Fey District houses the high society and is very exclusive (non-fey must have a writ to enter). The northern end of town houses the Dwarven and Draconian embasies, and several Gnomes and Halflings also make their homes and have thriving businesses there. The Market District lies in the center of town, and acts as a meeting place and center of trade. Many businesses that make their homes in the Northern or Fey districts keep a stall or smaller shop in the market district to represent their interests. The Eastern area is the Shadow district, where the poor, the undesirable, and most humans, tieflings, and other 'odd' or 'curious' lesser races end up living. It also is home to the Slaughterhouses, worst brothels and public houses, filthy tenements, cheaper warehouses, and other dubious establishments. There are rumors of several different thieves' guilds in constant rivalry, and that not all of the blood in the streets is from lifestock.

So, I'm allowing any character race/class combination. Build whatever you want to play. If we end up with 4 defenders and a controller, or 5 strikers, or 4 strikers and a leader, I don't care. 5 brave heros can apply for the chance to run through this world and find out what I'm not telling yet. Any race/class (just be prepared for the NPCs to react to you accordingly) for which there are rules.
NO HYBRIDS. NO Expertise feats. No Dark Sun. I'm not picky about Deities. You may have up to 2 different backgrounds (just make sure they make some kind of sense).

Normal rules of civility apply. I do intend to move as quickly as possible with combat and other posts, so please be prepared to check in and post at least twice/week. It will move faster if everyone playing moves faster.
Current players are Sergeant Gem Steeler (human Warlord), Gurdain (dwarf Hexblade), Rorin (human rogue).
If you are interested in applying to play, please do.
Party is currently LVL13.
House Rule: at levels where you do not normally gain a feat, you get a racial feat (which can only ever be retrained for other racial feats)--you are the paragon of your species. (Note, if you are half-elf, mul, revenant, or otherwise have access to feats of other races, these bonus still MUST be specific to your race).

Warning: Demented Genius at Play
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Lot of good apps, not sure I deserved to make it out on top but I'll take it, excited to play.

Hey man, there's never such a thing as a wrong choice...unless that choice is to burn the earth as sacrifice to the dark gods. Don't do that.
In any case, thanks for the opportunity.

I am confused. Is this ad still open for a reason? Did you lose some players and now want more?


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