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New player frustration

I think this thread's gone a bit off topic. It was originally on how a new member of the site was struggling getting into the game, but a quick check shows they're now a player in a couple games and GMing one of their own, so I think at least the original poster's concerns have been dealt with.

To the topic of "how all of MW should be" that this has strayed into, I personally think the site has a policy that works. The GM of each game decides. If a GM wants to choose players based purely on the quality/fit of the character written, the player's activity whether wanting a certain minimum of maximum set, then that's on them. So long as the GM communicates how they'll handle recruitment, 90 percent of the problems are solved. Sure, there are prospective players who may speak up and disagree, or who don't read it carefully enough and apply with something that doesn't match, but it doesn't take too much to say, "Thank you, but as written this is how recruitment will work for this game". If that doesn't work, they of course probably won't get in the game.

I also think GMs communicating their preferences clearly can be an equalizer to new players. Often what the difference is between veterans of the site and "hatchlings" is reading between the lines of a recruitment thread, of knowing how certain GMs run their game. If GMs can imply less and write out their wants/needs more, then new players won't have to guess as much.

I think that the original replies (and some of the ensuing conversation) are a good read for many new members of the site. I can empathize with how daunting it might seem to get in a game, especially if writing isn't your strong suit but you still love to play. Throw in the effort of making a character, not to mention the rest of the application. It never feels good when something you have worked on wholeheartedly and with passion is rejected, especially since it's kind of like your writing is being criticized. Of course that's usually not the case, but it might still feel like it for a newcomer.

Fact is, I think in addition to things everyone else have said, networking, writing skills, experience etc. It's also a matter of luck. Sometimes a DM just clicks with a character, or is completely turned off by one application.

This is something that the applicant can't personally affect on, but I got lucky that the first game I applied after my hiatus had a great pregame - RP thread. I wasn't so pressured about making the perfect app, since the GM acknowledged that some players who have difficulty writing backgrounds or optimizing interesting builds may still turn out to be amazing roleplayers. Getting to play with the character in action really helped me with getting rid of unnecessary anxiety.

EDIT: Maybe the site could host some kind of a primer for new players? Unless there already is one. Something that would cover the basics of an attractive application, and contain some of the suggestions mentioned in this thread? (Participating in game planning, trying out more obscure systems, stuff like that.)

I try to add a MW Noob to every new game I start. They usually ghost or drop out within the first week though.

That’s definitely the case. But it’s part of the OP’s
Now apparently overcome, as Peacemonger points out
problem, I think: because new players have the reputation (which is unfortunately not unfair in many cases) for being a bit flaky and liable to ghost, people are reluctant to admit new players, and new players who aren’t like that suffer from it and become discouraged. So I think the widespread idea (I see it a lot) that it’s admirable if GMs reserve slots for new players, as you do, is one of the good things about MW.

This is one reason why I think it’s always a good idea to admit more than your ideal number of players (as long as you think you can handle the number that you’re admitting, of course). It’s more likely than not that it will drop. If you want four, admit at least six.

Originally Posted by Voord 99 View Post
Thatís definitely the case. But itís part of the OPís [ooc=problem,]This is one reason why I think itís always a good idea to admit more than your ideal number of players (as long as you think you can handle the number that youíre admitting, of course). Itís more likely than not that it will drop. If you want four, admit at least six.
This was helpful. I did not think about attrition.


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