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How does one take up the role of a GM in a game where the GM vanishes? I am trying to do just that in this game:

The game was supposed to start on June 7th but the GM is nowhere to be found and does not respond to emails or PMs from the players. There are 7 of us players and I am more than willing to step up and run the game. The other players are willing to let me be the GM but the current GM is not available to hand over the reins of the game.

Originally Posted by Groqx
How does one take up the role of a GM in a game where the GM vanishes?
If it requires Staff intervention (i.e. it is not the current HeadGM transferring his position), the fastest way is to post in Site Discussion, as all Staff can see it there.

Incidentally, as I was about to change your position, someone else had just done it - you're now HeadGM.

Wow! Thanks. Off to rule the world then....or at least guide it along.

I'm in a unique situation right now, and could really use some help.

I am currently running, E'Dar, Realm of the Wyrms, a campaign in which each of the characters is a dragon disguised as a humanoid within a budding steampunk arcana metropolis of Klain as they are trying to deduce exactly what is going on behind the charade of everyday life. It's a bit of a complicated game, with plenty of cameos from pop-culture icons for kicks and giggles, but one that both myself and my players have gotten invested in.

However, recently, a lot of personal issues have come up for me, and I find that I am unable to respond as often as I'd like. This has nothing to do with time I have available, but I am unable to focus on the game as much as I'd like to. I'd really like to find a GM to take over my game, if one is available. All of my players are enthusiastic, intelligent writers who roleplay extremely well, and I really don't want to leave them in the lurch.

So anyone interested?

Two or more interested and involved players are looking for a GM to take up an existing GURPS game that has stalled in the multi-month absence of its GM.

Young Superheroes tells the tale of a group of high-school students from the small town of Mailing, Arizona. One day strange things happened in town, and they found themselves developing a variety of superpowers. Now they try to keep their abilities secret while investigating other strange goings-on in Mailing and the surrounding area.

What we love about the game, and what we hope any replacement GM would offer, are the following:
  • A setting in which supers are new, rare, and hidden from the general populace: it's a story about nervous teenagers rather than public heroes. Much of the fun has been the conversations and byplay between the characters, as they discover their talents and forge their relationships.

  • A high power level, but with an emphasis on story-telling over super-tactics, and with enough realism to provide interesting complications but with enough "cinematicity" to encourage adventure. Yes, it's not entirely realistic for a group of students to fight off a super-villain in the middle of the high school's administrative hallway and still not get discovered... but they do worry about it, and somehow it all works out. The characters are currently at 325 points, with extensions planned for an additional 250-point "power-up" (to 575) that was soon to happen but, with the referee's departure, never did.

  • An intention to keep the scale small and local, at least at first. With a few more adventures under their belt, perhaps the heroes could move into larger swathes of Arizona, or even the West Coast, but that should be a gradual, organic transition.

  • An openness to creative players. We've invented minor background details on the spur of the moment, offered help in the interpretation of complex rules, and helped with constructing combat maps and the like. All players believe that the GM has final say in any decisions -- but we're happy to be fellow shapers of the world and its story, rather than just its recipients.

Obviously, we would prefer a GM with a strong record in longevity and activity, to ensure that a restarted campaign would be around for a while. Most players would be open to a bit of "retconning" if a GM wanted to move the action to a similarly small town elsewhere in the country, or make other background changes to the situation, so long as the characters, their backgrounds, and their relationships stay relatively the same. Similarly, some re-recruitment would be fine, to bolster the number of players, so long as newcomers are interested in integrating themselves smoothly into the existing PC group and storyline.

Post interest in this thread, or by PM. We hope to continue the game!

Dnd 5e needs DmSo a short while ago a dnd 5th edition game was started and running and then the DM who started it dropped out and for a while I {Who also plays the Human Cleric} took over as DM. However the group and I agree that we need to find a actual Dm who can pick us up from the middle of this goblin infested hell hole and get us back on track.

We all voted that we wanted a Roll play game and we are looking for a dm who matches.
We all have great characters who are having a ton of fun so post interest if you have any and help us get our game going strong again.

Originally Posted by Anvil Of War View Post
Dnd 5e needs Dm (snip)
It is generally advisable to include a link to the Game in need of rescue, so that potentially interested people can take a look at it.

Hello there.

Thirst of the Night, a game that pits 3 feuding vampire clans against each other and a hapless team of 5 PC Vampire Hunters was recently archived by the DM without a word or a reason.

I'm playing one of the vampire clans, and from what I can tell, most of the group is/was relatively active, and the game idea is not a bad one.

I'd pick it up myself, but i'm a bit overstretched running what i'm currently running.

If anyone's interested in running it, you can give me a bell and i'll tell you what I know about what was going on with it/where the DM was going with it.



Hey, folks.

We've got an Epic-Tier D&D 4e game going - I'd guess we're about 80% through the first module after 2 years. 6 PCs, pretty dedicated. Yeah, most combats seem to be a little on the easy side, but it's epic ! Come check us out.

Death's Reach and Beyond

Hello there! I am currently in a game that is looking for a new GM. The game uses The Window [link] as its ruleset, which is a rules-light system. The game is role-play heavy, as it is a cat-and-mouse game in which the players need to find out who the other players are and either take them out or ally with them. (The exact end point of the game and its win conditions are set by the GM.) The players are either characters with the power of Geass or are in possession of a Death Note. (There is possibility of players without either.)

The old GM has left some notes in the private GM notes. Currently there are three players (possibly more if you recruit more) and the game isn't that far yet, so there is plenty of stuff for you to make up yourself. You can decide for yourself to use the GM's notes as a plot guideline or come up with something new. The game is hidden as a private game right now, as we discovered that non-participants could view all the threads, including the private ones, and thus tell the other players what everyone was doing. (The IC threads for each individual player are private threads, you see, so that the other players don't know what everyone's characters are doing.)

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