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Calling all Cypher Game Players

If old AD&D giants and barbarians did, why not Numenera player characters?

Originally Posted by Aavarius View Post
Just tell me this: can you ride dinosaurs into battle?
and fire railguns mounted on their backs...

I'd like to be added to any Numenera game where there's an opening to learn the ins and outs. Maybe The Strange down the road, but one at a time. Thank you in advance.

Hi, welcome!
When it comes to game mechanics, all the variants of the Cypher System games are nearly identical. Once you know one you basically know all of them. The only significant difference in my opinion are the settings.

Cypher System Bundles on special...Core Cypher, Predation, Gods of the Fall, The Strange, and more.

If you haven't played, now is a great time to check it out.

A bajillion years ago (probably more like...4, but it seems longer!) I started brainstorming a setting that was system agnostic at the time. It was a wild idea about ice ages, elves, giants, and gritty fantasy. A couple years ago I had another wild idea about actually developing it into something more thought through, even went as far as choosing a game system for it. As you might expect by seeing it mentioned in this thread, the Cypher System ended up being it. Wilder still, I thought it might be a good idea to actually run on Myth-Weavers!

So it's been my on-and-off again project for a while now, and I think it may actually see the light of day. Soon-ish. Hopefully. I still need to do some more work, but hopefully Summer of 2018 will be when the ad opens up.

However! I have hit a writer's block on naming this game. I want something interesting and possibly poetic, something less generic sounding than what I have now, but am struggling to make it happen. If you'd like to help, I'd appreciate your input on the name.

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