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What specific system did you start with?

What specific system did you start with?

Just curious, but what game and system did you all start with? I started with AD&D 2nd edition Dragonlance and my first character ever played was Sturm Brightblade. Amazing that I still remember that, but just thought I would share. So what game and/or edition did you all start with? Thanks

Shifting this to Gaming Discussion. I started with D&D 3.0 when my uncle began corrupting (further at least) his 13 year old nephew. Great guy, also introduced me to Everquest.

I started with the Moldvay Basic Boxed set. My first character was an Elf (race as class) who died during the first session during an attack by an owlbear.

My first system was 2nd edition as well. I learned from the old Gold Box PC games, starting with Pools of Radiance.

I think there are three distinct starts and three systems to my roleplaying career.

The first game I read was an old D&D Adventure Game box. I remember reading it a lot, but never really got to play. Too young, nobody to play with, etc. Sadly, the box and its contents have been lost to time. The contents were of surprisingly high quality, full color character sheets and all that.

The first game I properly played was some translated edition of Rolemaster. I have no idea what edition, but I think I still have the books somewhere. But the only things that ever came from it were one-shots where the rules were mostly ignored too, though that I put towards the translated rules being extremely confusing and poorly edited. Alongside Rolemaster I also had a copy of Runequest and the Stormbringer games, both translated as well.

My first proper campaign and "serious" roleplaying (instead of just half-hearted semi-freeform) was with 3.5, played online. That was... Roughly 12 years ago, I believe. Personally I consider this the "proper" start, the earlier games just being a prelude. It was also the first time I was a player too.

Same as @Raistlinmc above. My older brother used to play with his friends (this was about the time when the Dungeons & Dragons cartoon was playing) which really piqued my interest, but they wouldn't allow me to play with them. So my first real exposure was the old Gold Box PC games, starting with Pool of Radiance.

Unlike most here, I cut my teeth on Rifts, of all systems. However, I barely got to read the core rules, so I was mostly clueless of what I was doing. It wasn't until I got a copy of Big Eyes Small Mouth, 2nd revised edition, that I really got into TTRPGs, using some GMing credits at my local gaming store (until then, I had borrowed a friend's copy).

First purchased: Basic and Expert Box sets.
First commercially published game played: AD&D 1e. Bought shortly after the B&E sets because I naively assumed that was the progression. In my defense, accurate information about D&D was really scarce on the ground in rural, highly religious communities in the early 1980's.

Why first commercially published you might ask? Well, that's because my friends and I had already developed our own game based loosely on the bit and pieces of information gleaned from leafing through various books and magazines in the department stores and a game one of the teachers in middle school ran one year as part of his class until parents complained. Absurdly simplistic, no real role playing at first (we played entire parties of 20 or so adventurers) but it actually evolved into something with some definite similarities to the very early editions of D&D. Few of the rules were ever actually written down, though I did make an attempt in college to develop it into a full fledged RPG (best comparison, Palladium Fantasy with just a dab of Rolemaster, ie, pretty much an unplayable mess).

Originally Posted by Raistlinmc View Post
My first system was 2nd edition as well. I learned from the old Gold Box PC games, starting with Pools of Radiance.
Same here. We played this game on a PC with actual 5 1/4 floppy discs around 1990. This gave me the taste after reading LotR and the Dragonlance Chronicles series. We borrowed original DnD books and some 2e books from an older brother and played a bit of a hybrid between the two as my first real TT game.

Consequently, a little over a year ago a similar discussion between me and Mindcrime sparked some nostalgia and Mindcrime started a PoR game with 3.5 rules after we recruited some players. The game just celebrated our 1 year anniversary. Thanks @Mindcrime!
I’ve thought about running it in 5e but I’m still learning the system and not quite comfortable running a game with it yet.

I started playing Holmes Basic D&D Box Set in 1979


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