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What specific system did you start with?

My uncles were pretty middle of the road, not drunken degenerates but hardly cool either. I just wish I lived closer to my family so I could be the cool uncle corrupting my nephews, but alas. I'll just have to take comfort in the fact that my sister and her husband seem to be doing a decent job of corrupting them on their own.

New here, but thought I'd drop in. Like a lot of people on here, I started with 2e AD&D. TBH, I don't think I ever knew what I was doing. I was a kid playing back then, and never really read the rules. lol

Now I pretty much only play 5e IRL, but am looking to play some Call of Cthulhu, Pathfinder, and Starfinder here.

I started wirh D&D. Before the A was added... Found some of the books in my older brothers stuff. Me and my friends could barely read / understand the rules; but we played the f**k out of that red book!

Now pathfinder 1e and OWoD are my games of choice.

Originally Posted by TatteredKing View Post
I started playing Holmes Basic D&D Box Set in 1979

This set (and the original Expert Set), but much later. They were sitting in my older cousin's closet around 1985-6, still unopened. He had gotten them as a present and thought they were dumb, so he let me take them home with me. I taught myself and my friends to play (poorly) before my sister's boyfriend introduced me to AD&D First Edition a few years later.

Originally Posted by AsenRG View Post
Also, Fabled Lands system worked just fine.
Eh, mechanically it was pretty poor - it was boring, and combat especially tended to be a bit of a slog. If you could get your Defence high enough it also got pretty reliably easy (and Defence was, IIRC, always bigger than Combat). Of course, that's the price for it being super-simple, and honestly I wouldn't have expected much more complexity from a book - you'd start getting into how to make tactical decisions for bad guys, etc.
Originally Posted by Svartalf View Post
fabled lands is just grand, I love that series, have run through it at least 3 times, one of them because I just managed to get tome 7 and I wanted a fresh start (and my old sheets were lost)... I hope vol 8-12 get published soon and I own the whole series.
I just discovered that someone has put it all into digital form. I might try and get that running, just for old times' sake.

Also looks like they might go back and finish the series if there's enough fan interest.

Originally Posted by Svartalf View Post
My first game was AD&D 1st ed, yes, I'm old, I know.
FWIW, you're not the only one.

I was 7? 8, maybe? (For reference, I'm 46) My dad is the one who introduced me. He used to take me with him on his regular gaming nights, and I would usually hang out at the table, sitting quietly, utterly fascinated by the game, listening to the stories, etc. Dad would let me roll his dice sometimes, and that was pretty badass (hey, I was a kid, the bar was pretty low ). One night, one of the guys had had to cancel, but the group was in the middle of a fight (they'd stopped right in the middle the week before), so he said to let me just roll the dice for his character and he'd pick back up the following week. I had a great time, even tried my hand at some nascent roleplaying, which at least made the adults laugh, so I figured it was a win. It was a blast, and I wanted to try more...so Dad convinced his group to give me a space at the table and he helped me roll up my very first character, which I remember to this day. Searcon the Barbarian (who was actually just a human fighter with a fur outfit and a big honkin axe) who's name was literally inspired by a shopping bag from Sears department store that happened to be sitting on the kitchen counter from a shopping trip earlier that day. He was big, kinda dumb, but REALLY strong, and I loved him. I managed to keep ahold of his original character sheet for over 25 years (until I lost my entire RPG collection in a house flood).

That was AD&D (back before there were 'editions'), and to this day, AD&D still holds a special place in my heart. I'm always excited when someone busts out the Nostalgia Gaming Card and fires up a 1E game here on MW. Since then I've played literally well over a hundred different systems (I actually sat down and tried to figure it out a couple years ago...at last count I was in the low-middle triple digits), I've even created a couple (one pretty much me and one other friend, and another with my long term tabletop group). I've played every iteration of D&D that exists, most everything in the Palladium, FASA, Games Workshop, and White Wolf catalogs, and have played countless indie and one shot systems. My current favorite is PathFinder (yeah, kinda 'mainstream', I know, but I like what I like), and I'm loving StarFinder as well. My favorite setting of all time is still R.Talsorian's Cyberpunk 2020, with Rifts running a VERY close second (though I despise Palladium's mechanics).
Originally Posted by Valsai View Post
Heheh, I remember those; I had a number of the Lone Wolf series. Man, good times, good times...so many bookmarks to try out different action lines when you weren't sure if something was going to kill you or not haha
I remember those Lone Wolf books. I was totally obsessed with those!
Originally Posted by TheFred View Post
Also looks like they might go back and finish the series if there's enough fan interest.
Oooh...Linkage? (for some reason my Google Fu is failing me) I really enjoyed those Fabled Lands books as well back in the day, and it would be awesome to see more of them.

I don't remember where I read that... might just have been Wikipedia or something. They did book 7 via Kickstarter.

I didn't know it was a KS, I just found the book lying around on Amazon and jumped on it.

I hope they scuccessfullly manage to make the other 5 books, I like that world, but now I've more or less utterly exhausted it.

Just tried this java version. I travelled in a big loop around Book 2, then got attacked by a warthog and killed.

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