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Windows 8 Upgrade Mentality

I am having no issues with it, and running on two laptops now. I'm still going to keep the third running Linux Mint (though I am tempted to do a clean install of Ubuntu 12.10 on it) since Linux helps me manage my wifi network better than Windows ever will. All the same, its a pretty fun iteration of Windows.

I think the mistake a lot of people are making is assuming that it's an OS for touchscreen computers/tablets/smartphones. It's not. It's designed so that those types of devices are supported naturally, but so are traditional desktops and laptops. I'm actually looking forward to using the "Start Screen," too, since I can imagine all sorts of great uses for their "live tiles." It looks so much more useful--from a practical standpoint--than the Vista Sidebar (which I just turned off). And if you don't like the Start Screen's interface, just bypass it.

I keep hearing about how fast it is, and how much life (i.e., "improved performance") it's breathed into older PCs. I'm looking forward to getting my copy. (I'm still waiting on the next paycheck.)

This is what my home screen looks like on the laptop with Classic Shell installed. It doesn't go to the Metro screen unless I go there.

That is a classic windows look that doesn't seem too different at all, thanks for the picture Krimson! I'm planning on getting this very, very soon as it seems to be the least expensive OS. Also I am excited for, as PolkaBear mentioned, the speed increase that everyone purports exists.

Originally Posted by littlefish View Post it seems to be the least expensive OS...
Really?? You have to pay for it, yet you call it the least expensive??
I'd call it one of the most expensive . Does it even come with fully functional office applications?

Sorry, couldn't resist

I understand that there are free OS's out there, but I am under the, probably false, impression that you need to know a little bit about computers to run them AND that not all games are supported on them. I use my computer as a conveyor of games, and I don't react well when I can't just install the game and play it immediately. If I have to go through more than that one simple step, then I am angry and confused and would rather not bother.

I used to revel in finding fixes, tweaking settings and putting countless hours into a game. Now... not so much. Life got busy, and if I have to work at all on my leisure time, it means that I will probably not even play that game.

So, to clarify, I believe it is the cheapest OS that will probably do what I want. If I am wrong, I am all ears.

If you're in it for the games, Windows is indeed the way to go. While there are plenty of splendid games that work under Linux (sometimes even with less effort to install them than under Windows) or without additional effort under Wine, there are a lot that don't.

Cheapest, however, has no meaning in this context, as it is the only OS that fulfils your criterion. This makes it simultaneously also the most expensive option.

Krimson's desktop is so much neater than mine. I swear, I use mine more as a work space than a starting point

I'm a fan of using the Start button to get to the programs I need, or the Menu button in the case of Linux Mint.

This is my desktop on the other Windows 8 laptop.

Though in fairness since I use Metro on that one the Start Screen actually looks like this.

In comparison my Linux Mint desktop looks like this.

Yes I am a minimalist when it comes to desktops. Though I wish I could get my Android devices to that point.

Originally Posted by Krimson View Post
Yes I am a minimalist when it comes to desktops.
Pshaw! You can still see the Recycle Bin in the first shot. :P


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