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New pathfinder sheet

Fields aren't there to calculate CMD yet.

CMB works fine for me on that sheet. I tried changing size, it updated, changing BAB (on all 3 rows) and all fields actually on the CMB row, worked for each.

You have to actually leave the field before updates happen.

What browser are you using (not that I think it should matter but who knows) and exactly what are you doing that doesn't trigger an update. Also, you could try clearing your cache but I've had no problems between code edits with anything getting cached.

Whisper identified a problem with the updating of the CMB Strength mod when the strength stat changes.

I pretty much just taught Whisper how to run and track stuff in firebug and he identified the bug on his own. We talked it through in a skype chat and fixed it.

I'd like some volunteers (ideally 3 or 4) who are able to provide advice on whats best for the PF sheet and can provode occasional assistance. Keep a skype (IM/text only) chatroom open so I can ask questions if need be and who can help out a little.

No code knowledge necessary, just a good knowledge of PF. Though I'm happy to provide advice on getting started using firebug to track code if you so wish.


Skills ACP is not updating properly from the armor fields. I'll finish off in a few hours. Same goes for CMD.

I like to consider myself pretty proficient in Pathfinder. And I have no coding knowledge besides what I accomplish here on the boards :P

I will be a volunteer. I have one campaign that I run for PF and another I'd like to start, but am willing to hold off on to help get the sheets ready.

Thanks guys. One or two more would be good. Hoping to get SRD tags working for PF so spreading the load on that will be useful.

Hit me up on skype and I'll make a pathfinder chat.

I think everything now works.

Skills calculate with armor check penalty, trained class skills get +3 (but had no room to display it so done in background). For Armor Check shield armor need the worn checkbox checked.

CMD auto caculates. CMB auto calculates.

XP progression is speed selectable and auto calculates.

Sweet! Just in time for me to check out a PF game! THANKS SO MUCH, Plugsy (and helpers)!


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