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Kingmaker Adventure Path

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Kingmaker Adventure Path

Gestalt Kingmaker - Forum

Hoping to run the Kingmaker Adventure path as a play by post.
Character generation guidelines are posted in the Game Description, but are fairly straight forward.

All classes welcome, although I would prefer if races used were the core ones. That does not mean that I will not allow others, but they would need to be put by me first.

Gestalt rules apply, although combinations such as sorcerer/wizard will not net you more spells.
Prestige Classes are available, but obviously not at first level.

Please remember 15 point builds, and I will be using all the books, i.e Core, APG, UM, UC.
Armour as DR is not being used, although Called Shots Mechanic is.
Word Spells are a dynamic that I am not very used too, but available if wanted.

Game Description:

The Swordlords of Restov are looking for 3 brave adventurers strong and true to conquer those lands which have been lost to the Kingdom. Applications will be considered.

Guide for character Generation:

1st level
15 point build
Average Starting wealth.
Assume a single masterwork weapon as a starting weapon. Deduct its standard cost from gold, not the masterworked cost.
Experience will accrue, but the GM and the GM alone will mention when the party levels up.

Any other questions please feel free to ask

This seems like a grand opportunity, consider me interested.

How do you feel about a Half-Elf Mysterious Stranger/Sorcerer?

So just to confirm, a Gunslinger/Sorcerer?
Sounds good to me, would love to see the character sheet.

I would love to play this.

Possibly either a Ninja/Witch or a
Cavalier arch-type
Standard Bearer/Gunslinger.

I would like to use either the Kitsune or the Tengu, but I figure Human or Elf would be fine too.

I am leaning more towards the Ninja/Witch than I am towards the Cavalier/Gunslinger. One invite has already gone out to TransmutionOrchest, and I will be sending you one for the Ninja/Witch if I may

As far as the choice between Tengu or Kitsune, I would probably prefer the Kitsune to be honest.

I've been wanting to try my hand at pathfinder. How about a Fighter/Inquisitor? I haven't poured over the system yet, but that looked like an interesting set up to me.


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