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Corrupt a Wish!

Granted. You are the sole owner of a wish that can now be corrupted an infinite number of times. However, you may only wish that wish at any time prior to your actually wanting to use it. Time travel does not work here; your wanting to use the wish negates any ability to actually use it.

I wish I was a zygote.

Granted. You WERE a zygote. Then you grew to be a blastosphere, a fetus, and then a baby. Eventually you were born, you grew, and now you are you.

I wish to have the audiobooks for all the Safehold series.

Granted - you now have all the audiobooks for the Safehold series. Unfortunately, before you were able to listen to any of them, a freak amplifier accident at a concert rendered you completely and permanently deaf.

I wish I was friends with Bruce Wayne and Tony Stark.

Granted. You're now the new superhero that the bad guys beat up at the beginning of every story, just to show how mean and tough they really are.

I wish for something funny.

Granted. Hilarious jokes are made at your expense and shown on national television so that everybody can laugh at you. You never said who had to think it was funny.

I wish I could tell good jokes.

Granted. You're an expert jokesmith who's so funny, that you kill people with how funny your jokes are. Eventually, you get arrested and gagged for the rest of the life for mass murder.

I wish my cat wasn't such a slob when it comes to grooming/hygiene.

Granted. Your cat is perfectly groomed and utterly hygienic. YOU on the other hand, can never seem to get a shower, your teeth fall out since every toothbrush you touch falls apart, and those eyebrows.... *shudder*

I wish to be wide awake and alert without the use of stimulants of any sort.

Granted. You never sleep, never dream, but life is a constant nightmare.

I wish for one more wish.

Granted. It will be just as corrupted, if not moreso than the worst corruption in this thread.

I wish to have this project finished already.

Granted, but you don't finish that one project that's so much more important to you.

I wish for Russian government officials to be replaced with Siberian moose.


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