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Corrupt a Wish!

Granted. Your sandwich just won't stop raising its voice and overacting. Such a perfect ham.

I wish for Chekov's gun.

At least it was delicious. Your wish is granted, you have the prop from the TV series Star Trek, used by the character Chekov.

I wish to have super powers.

Granted. Here's some rather large exponents. Go make numbers bigger, or something.

I wish you free.

Granted. "You" is now free on Netflix, but you have to pay to watch anything else on the platform.

I wish for inspiration to write something amazing.

Granted, your inspiration is so disturbing and foul that the writing is locked away, never to be published. You are executed for your obvious derangement is too dangerous to allow to live.

I wish to read what GabrielLong wrote.

Granted, but reading the product of his deranged and unsettling mind drives you quite mad, leaving you locked away yourself in a padded cell, forever inscribing passages of his opus on your walls, only to have them washed away day after day, leaving you with only the slowly fading memories of the greatest work ever written...

I wish to have perfect health for the rest of my life.

Granted. You are promptly hit by a bus, dying instantly.

I wish to die in my bed, peacefully, surrounded by loved ones who all remember me fondly, at the ripe age of 129.

Granted. Your loved ones all remember you fondly, but under the delusion that you lived to be 129 years old.

I wish for nothing.

That's a dangerous wish. Fortunately, I'm apparently a genie or something, and you get teleported to the spot that is the absolute furthest from any other matter in the Universe. Hope you held your breath.

I wish to always have the money necessary to collect all the various manga, anime, and various games I want.

Granted. But rent, taxes, and multiple hidden fees on everything always take it away first.

I wish for everything.

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