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Endless Realms

Endless Realms - Forum

Players needed: 4 or 5
System: Endless Realms
Genre: High Fantasy
Starting Level: 1
Books: At the moment only the core rulebook is available for players

Welcome to the Endless Realms – a crossroads of infinite civilizations, animals, peoples, and abominations that gather in the world of Lumis. Those that live there readily manipulate the cosmic energies that the gods themselves used to forge the world, creating tools and resources that mighty spirits seek to claim for themselves. Riddled with tears in the fabric of time and space, Lumis has become a vibrant and turbulent melting pot.

Lumis is the crossroads where an endless number of realms overlap. The species that have made it their home – by fate, chance, or nefarious purpose – each have their own lore, history, and culture, providing rich soil from which to weave intricate and interesting narratives. Their complex views of morality present a scheme far greater than the simple axis of good and evil.

As you could tell, this game has some heavy final fantasy tactics influences. It is a d10 comparative system, where at character creation you get to distribute your stats however you wish with some limits. In the beginning, also each class offers a path to choose like a ninja could specialize in the fang and claw school to be great at unarmed attacks. It will give you a set of basic abilities. On top of it, every character gets to choose 1 additional skill or magic talent depending on the chosen class.

This game will be friendly to newcomers, so if you don't have the book don't fret will guide you through the process.

We will start with the starter adventure to get the ball rolling:

Months have passed since you set off from the distant Al’Miren towers of Kor’Vera in search of the Al’Miren archaeologist, An’Heya. Following what notes she left behind, you went off and crossed the wide Silean plains in search of the entrance to Taas’Saraan. By tracing An’Heya’s path you learned that to get into Taas’Saraan requires a special dance to be performed in the trackless desert of bleached white bones.

It’s taken weeks to cross the desert safely, but now, under the sweltering sun, you stand inside the massive stone circle that you’ve read about. All that is left is for the dance to be performed.

As you could guess from this introduction, your party have been traveling for months, so you will a good time to introduce each other and why you took on the quest to look for the Archaeologist.

Game Description:

Welcome to the Endless Realms!

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