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Rappan Athuk: 5e or Pathfinder

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Which System?
Pathfinder 1.0 10 40.00%
Dungeons and Dragons 5e 15 60.00%

I've started Rappun Athuk three times. Twice the game was abandoned by the DM and once we had a total party kill when one PC made the wrong call. There's not a lot of room for mistakes. I'd love to rebuild my old skinwalker alchemist and give it another shot.

So interested! And as someone who's played both systems, I just prefer the relative simplicity of 5E, where it's kinda hard to get a character build wrong, and unoptimized PCs can keep up with others in the party.

I've been in RA four times now. Each time for very short durations.. not once levelling up. I was in Ploogle's 2nd iteration which died some weeks past.


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