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The Nightingale Wants you (Thedas)

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The Nightingale Wants you (Thedas)

Hands of the Nightingale - Forum

This game is taking place during the Dragon Age: Inquisition and you are all agents of Leliana. You are known as the Hands of the Nightingale. When something needs to be done instead of merely observed she sends you. You will infiltrate organizations, spread misinformation, steal information, pump informants, sometimes be an outer watch for the Herald making sure she is safe in dangerous situations and even commit assassinations for The Nightingale is willing to use every dirty trick that is necessary to protect the Herald and the Inquisition. The cost of failure is too high. Are you up to the challenge?

Game Description:

You are all handpicked agents of Leliana AKA Sister Nightingale AKA The Nightingale. Although you are spies you are not there mainly to watch, she has scouts for that, you take a more active role. You are the people she gets to infiltrate bases, steal information, convince the enemy to do something stupid. Social skills will be important in this game so I expect at least average Deceive and Rapport . Investigate and contacts are also going to be useful. Don't worry at all about resources as Leliana has the resources of the Inquisition and will give you whatever you need. You start with a standard beginning character.

The Herald of Andraste is Ellana Lavellan who is a female elf mage. She is a beautiful woman with long brown hair and penetrating brown eyes. You won't meet her much but it will influence the game. She can and will make mistakes from time to time and a lot of her decisions may be controversial even with the players.

Some things I do will conflict with the computer game. Some will be accidental , some deliberate. Part of this is to keep you guessing. They will be mostly things you find on the war table in the computer game.

This looks cool. Anywhere to brush up on the background? I played DA:O and DA2, but never that an issue?

Thanks Althrion. That'll help. I'm gonna listen to shoddycasts lore series on youtube as well. This is a great idea for a game.

Originally Posted by Amonkira View Post
How long of a game are you planning on this being?
Until I get bored or too many people playing get bored.

I am picking aps on Mon. This is one of the easier aps you are going to have to do. I don't want the crunch so much as the background. Due to the fact phase 2 and 3 can't be done until I pick people the crunch can wait until then.


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