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A Jade Regent Mashup!

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A Jade Regent MASHUP!

Rise of the Jade Regent - Forum
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A Jade Regent MASHUP!

Long story shortI've been away for many months due to family and career commitments. My time here is still limited, however in my time away I've been running a live tabletop group now for the last year and a half. My newest campaign with that group is a mirror of this offering, which is why I thought of the idea of running a PbP parallel to test potential ideas.

The skinnyWhile this campaign will primarily feature the Jade Regent adventure path, we will not begin with the first module right away. Instead, in order to build some PC to NPC familiarity and relationships, I've mashed some other AP and non-AP modules into the mix, which can make up for some years of the PCs being residents and/or local heroes of Sandpoint, before the Jade Regent adventure begins properly. There will potentially be other things along the way, as well as after the AP finishes.

Read: Some of the content (including a small portion of the Jade Regent AP itself) has been heavily modified. Don't expect me to follow the books word for word.

What I'm looking for4-6 players who are looking to have fun, who will to join this campaign with the intent of seeing it through.

Desired Posting Frequency: Approximately twice a week, with slightly more frequent posting during combat. This may change during times when family life and career demands me to be away.

  • Mature player who loves to write and create depth in plot and character
  • Commitment to the game
  • Interest in collaborative fiction and creative writing

Seriously though, you just need to have fun for the sake of having fun, enjoy writing, and not be a douche. That's all.

The character generation rules is linked forthwith. Post a new thread in the New Applications folder within the game, should you be interested.

Game Description:

Sandpoint. A humble town with a humble name. Yet what if some of its heroes are destined for some not-so-humble things? What if history isn't quite what it has been written out to be? What if...

The culmination of events spanning centuries has finally reached its pinnacle. The fate of a continent hangs in a delicate balance. The future of a nation is in your hands.

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You certainly have my attention! Did you have a specific style of character you would like to see? Would everyone best be Sandpoint locals. Or is diversity fine? Mostly curious because I like the setting, and dislike always making characters local to that specific country


Specific style of character? Up to you. My current live-group is literally a harem of weeaboo kaijin anime girls with a fat stubby half-orc pimp. Literally a tian human teisatsu vigilantess, kitsune druidess, human sorceress of the elder gods, sylph inquisitoress, and a half-orc cleric. So yeah, I think a healthy amount of diversity is fine.

Specific style of character I don't want to see though, is anyone with a Tian descendancy less than 4 generations away. ie: If you want to play Tian, ok sure. But your great-great grandparent or earlier must've moved away. This is so that we don't spoil the timeline events leading up to JR.

Not everyone has to be from Sandpoint. But they all MUST have a reason to be in Sandpoint at the beginning of the campaign.

Totally fair

So right now I am looking into making a Pact Witch, with the pact being for Elysium. Not sure on race yet, but it might just be human. Thinking of just being a healer that lives deep in the forests, coming into town to trade poultices and personally down vegetables. Simple and fun up till adventure awaits


I don't see a problem with that! Build away!

Currently there's 4-5 actual apps, none completed. There's room for more!

You know what, I'm going to apply even if I can't make Donald in Mathmagic Land as my PC. App forthcoming.

First character concept has been approved.

@Reckon's Sydan "Horsepuncher" Lasnov, Human male (scaled fist) monk

Ideally 3-4 more that will fill other roles are now being solicited.

Soon as we have a party of 3, we'll begin. We will continue to solicit any additional players as we go.

Haven't seen any divine/healer types or sneaky types apply yet… wonder why?


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