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The Hundred Kingdoms

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The Hundred Kingdoms

The Hundred Kingdoms - Forum
Dungeons & Dragons 5e

You've always felt you were different. You were bolder and more able than your peers, your thoughts drawn away from practical concerns and sedate contentment. Stories that merely amused others fired your imagination with dreams of adventure and glory. A few others sensed greatness in you and saw that you were trained and your dreams encouraged. But you still felt you were somehow missing something.

Now, you've met others like you: others with big dreams and an unidentifiable 'glow'. But at last you understand what it was you were missing: companions. And you know that, now that you've found each other, your great adventure is finally about to begin!

The 100 KingdomsThe Hundred Kingdoms is a region with, you guessed it, 100 kingdoms. Each kingdom is pretty small and self-contained, with one or two big cities and several smaller towns and villages, surrounded by a belt of wilderness several days' travel wide. The wilderness areas are full of dangerous animals and bandits, so only the very powerful or the very desperate (or the very foolish) travel between kingdoms regularly.

From time to time, great empires have arisen to unite and/or subdue a dozen or so kingdoms, but those have seldom lasted more than a generation or two, and the wilderness is littered with desecrated temples and abandoned palaces as monuments to their fallen glory. Most have been picked clean, but there are always stories of lost cities full of treasure awaiting the adventurer brave and cunning enough to locate them.

Look & FeelThe Hundred Kingdoms is analogous to ancient/mythic India in the same way that the Sword Coast is analogous to medieval Europe: It's not remotely accurate, the mythology isn't anyone's real religion, it basically just borrows the landscape and fashions and general vibe, no one in their right mind would think it was a serious reflection or commentary on a historical culture or their descendents, but it's not a caricature.

Character art should reflect the peoples of the Indian subcontinent. Animal companions, mounts, familiars, and wild shapes should be drawn from the creatures of the Indian subcontinent. Any reskin or refluff or mechanical modification of equipment, spells, or abilities to make them more 'Indic' is encouraged. Depending on the circumstances, I may concede to a bard inciting a Bollywood-style musical number.

On the other hand, I have approximately zero tolerance for references to or jokes about modern India or modern stereotypes about Indians. Quoting Apu from The Simpsons will get you immediately kicked from the game.
Style & ToneCompared to the high-concept collaborative epic fantasy novels of some campaigns, this should feel a bit 'back-to-basics': raid a dungeon, save a village, fortune and glory and general hero stuff. There's no [immediately apparent] grand story or arch villain. Villains, sure, but probably not lasting more than an adventure or two. You can always move to a neighboring kingdom to start fresh, so while your actions have consequences, it's pretty easy to reboot mid-campaign. I also hope the more episodic format tolerates the loss of a player better than a game where each PC is intricately woven into the structure of the campaign.

I'm going to lean heavily on the Rule of Cool. I don't want long, purple-prose tragic backstories. I want consistently descriptive, but not verbose, action. I expect this campaign to be about 25% wilderness, 25% dungeon crawl, 25% urban troublemaking, and 25% downtime and socializing. There's not a lot of Underdark, not a lot of intrigue, but there should be a good mix of mystical beasts, evil humanoids, undead, demons (who are not always evil), and at higher levels divine and extraplanar shenanigans. Expect many monsters to be reskinned beyond recognition to fit the pseudo-Indic setting.

Application and Character Creation

House Rules

Game Description:

The Hundred Kingdoms is a region with, you guessed it, 100 kingdoms. This campaign is built around simple adventuring without a deep homebrew world or long complex plot demanding well-written characters. On a scale of muderhobo to collaborative epic fantasy novel, it's about a 6.

what I had in mind for the hexblade's weapon would be the level of mystique in Damascus blades and it won't be black edgy weapon either

On a different note, I think a Gurkha warrior/ranger would be amazing in this game

I had a sleep-deprived ramble last night in which I figured that, in this setting, it makes more sense for hexblade to be a method of being a warlock than a patron for warlocks. Kind of like how a god can sponsor both clerics and paladins, a greater spiritual power can sponsor both regular warlocks and hexblade warlocks. In this case, the bonded weapon du jour gains an obviously supernatural appearance suitable to the patron's style.

Thanks for all the enthusiastic interest. I'm going to go ahead and close this thread, but I'll still consider applications coming in through tomorrow.


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