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War Drums Echo Across the Mountains...

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War Drums Echo Across the Mountains...

Red Hand of Doom - Forum
Dungeons & Dragons 3.5e

War is gathering in the dry brown hills known as the Wyrmsmoke Mountains. As midsummer settles over the land, smothering everything in heat and dust, the fierce warriors of the Kulkor Zhul - "People of the Dragon" In the hobgoblin tongue - gather beneath the dreaded Red Hand banner, ready to sweep down out of the Wyrmsmokes and conquer the human lands below.

...of course, you do not know this. You are adventurers and explorers, setting out on exactly what your title implies!


Alright, do I really need to give the spiel for this module? Probably. It's Red Hand of Doom.
This module is supposedly cursed, but, dang it, I'm stubborn.

"Red Hand of Doom casts the player characters in the role of heroes fighting to stem the advance of an up-and-coming warlord's horde. There are far too many enemy warriors for the pcs to deal with personally. Instead, the heroes undertake vital missions that influence the outcome of the war."

Expect to fight large hordes of enemies, as well as large, singular bosses and commanders. You'll have to deal with the possibilities of spies and sabots, as well as the political opportunists of the Vale. Still, murderhoboing everything that looks suspicious is not the answer. There are many instances of possible butterfly effects in which the PCs can strike a powerful blow to the enemy's main forces without ever intending to or being near it.

You will encounter dragons, kobolds, hobgoblins, and some other manner of magical and monstrous beasts and humanoids.

However! You do not begin with this knowledge. You begin as a messenger, adventurer, or traveler headed toward's Drellin's Ferry, a sleepy little village on the edge of the Witchwood (refer to map in the game forum), with a party of similar people. Perhaps you found a map detailing an ancient treasure trove in the Witchwood, or perhaps you're delivering a letter of any description to someone in Drellin's Ferry and sought the safety of traveling in numbers. Perhaps your nan baked cookies. Whatever the reason, you're about to get caught up in something much, much bigger.


The application subforum is HERE.
The houserules can be found HERE.
Questions go HERE, and there is a Discord link in that thread you can also follow to bug me while I'm at work.
A general overview of the setting can be found HERE.

Game Description:

Was it a map leading to treasure? A letter to be delivered? A mercenary sent to investigate the sounds of war drums? Or was it a patron, be they holy or financial, who sent you on your way? No matter the case, the call to adventure has joined you with a handful of others with the same destination: The Witch-Wood, to the East of the tiny town of Drellin's Ferry, in search of treasure, land, or battle.

But the mountains of the region are stirring with activity, and rumor of incoming bands of marauders leave many uneasy. Regardless, Drellin's Ferry is now only a few miles away. Treasure hunting awaits, and perhaps most definitely more!

Alright, I'm excited, and your set up looks pretty interesting, Veradux. Time to break the curse once and for all!

I've been wanting to play this, never happens, I believe the curse.
I'll def draw up a rogue fighter

Ha! Awesome to see how many applicants want to try and break the curse! Hope it works this time

I've gotten some strong interest already, but any new interest still has more than a week to rear its head, and slightly more than that to actually finish an application.

I have as well experienced the curse of this module. We got everything set up and quit after the FIRST round of posts. Might as well just copy-paste the same character I used for that. Nothing to change!

Hey Jallious, here I am in the same boat (Our GM seems to have disappeared on us in the first combat)

Soooooooo I'll throw interest here as well.

Well, there's still three days left for new interest, so of course you're welcome to dive in.

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