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Symbaroum: The Dark Forest of Davokar Awaits

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Symbaroum: The Dark Forest of Davokar Awaits

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Thistle Hold....A bordering shanty-town nestled on the infringing boundaries of the dark forest of Davokar. A last frontier, unexplored by many, well not necessarily unexplored but many that never made it back. Antiquities and relics are scattered remnants of a former civilization lost to the annuls of time. Wild beasts and sickening mad men drove in flocks to explore one of the last bastions to explore Davokar, the dark forest that sizes at least to that of a small country. Ruins lay scattered and dormant from centuries past when the land of Davokar teemed with a multi-faceted culture.

Now barren, the land is said to be sentient. A forest teeming with corrupting beasts, undead called Dragouls and warrior like Trolls that sulk the land looking to feast upon the marrow of tidal wave of civilians pushing their way north. Even the Elves have formed an Iron Pact with the human Ambrians to deter them from settling in one of the last vestiges of their homeland. Sending forth agents into the night to steal babies and replace them with changeling creatures, the Eldar races are under the mercy of the human Ambrians and tirelessly toil to their slavering masters ways.

If not for those unfortunate few who made it back gathering small but scattered trinkets of it's former glory, those that didn't meet a fateful end deep with dark Davokar are never the same again and have turned corrupted and sickened from the taint of the forest. It's as if the land poisoned the very nature and fiber of those wardens that eek out a living as treasure hunters and scavengers for the rich and pomp vain glory nobles who stop at nothing to keep the war machine and efforts going forward against the Winter Elves and Barbarian Witches of Karavosi.

Some Mystics and Wizards agree that the soul begins it's decent within a downward spiral into the realm of evil and decay. The Theurgs of the one true religion of Ambria concur that Prios...the Sun God is there to stop evil sorcery from happening as Rogue, Hunter and Warrior believe in putting aside differences and settle the new frontier of Davokar. As a relative peace befalls the land of Symbar, there are those that stalk the land with a sickened mind. The old lands are gone. With the new people of Symbaroum having settled in and around the mountainous region of Titan and Davokar. Those can enter and almost never come home...the same.


Hello, friends call me Drama and if I do not know you, I'am pleased to make your acquaintances. To tell you a little about me....I have been here since 2006 but really things didn't take off till 2011 when I made a great leap into the Warhammer 40 and Fantasy genre. I have had more upsetting failures than successes, but to be honest the four games that I kept alive since 2011 where at least 2-3 years old with my 3 year old game taking a hiatus, because of mutual falling out of love with keeping the game going with the first original cast of the game.

While I have the gusto to continue with the second group of dedicated gamers, I stumbled upon Symbaroum which has brought a lot of intrigue, ingenuity and description to what seemed like a different change in gears from what I was generally used too. If any of you know me, I am very detailed and descriptive with length of posts and replies from me in game using a lot of non player characters, setting of the scenes and continuing the story line of which I have experience with.

Seeing as their is at least two other Symbaroum games being run with one with a Fate setting and the first with the original core mechanics and setting, I figure I'd try to keep the momentum going and try my hands at running a Symbaroum game. I got a lot of kudos from the fans of Symbaroum on MW so here it is. The publisher is Jarringen a Swedish Role Playing Game set in a unique and fantasy setting.

It's original with hints of treasure hunting, corrupting influences, magic and combat that is tragic and deadly and a setting that is noir and bleak to say the least. There is a lot of influences that are pretty prolific and cool. For example, an unexplored frontier. Also the crunch and mechanics are pretty flavorful and independent of most d20 games. If have any experience than I ask for your patronage in making a character for this game.

If you are new but still want to learn, I suggest using a pre generated character and ask questions and read up on the rules I present in the near future. This game will not happen till around Thanksgiving Day so the time we have now we can take the steps forward to make a cohesive team that will try and commit to long term. This is not a one shot but one of three out of a trilogy of events that will eventually take you and your friends deep into the heart of the unexplored forest of Davokar. This game is so deadly that every move or mistake you feel can and will have repercussions. So enough of my rant and rave, let's begin.

Game Description:


“In the ruins of Symbaroum a dream sight revealed a well, a cauldron, a sinkhole. Out of its depth a blightling came sidling, filth forged in flesh, cruelty carved in bone, a decoction of the World Serpent’s marrow. The blight beast ogled me hungrily and in its burning eyes I saw the death of all.”


Every day for eight long years, Merdalo has risen from his straw bed, combed his shaggy beard and walked to the Antique Plaza. Every day for eight long years, he has entered his wooden box to sing the praises of Thistle Hold, and he has smiled in thanks for every shilling making the bronze cup at his feet sing along.

His songs are about successful expeditions to the forest ruins, about the town as a peaceful orchard in a violent world, about women and men who have risen from the deepest misery – all thanks to Thistle Hold. Merdalo was once involved in the construction work; ever since he has watched the town grow and evolve from his lowly stage.

The songs have always appeared dishonest but that never used to bother him, not as long as the audience rewarded his well sounding lies with equally well sounding coins. But a gnawing feeling has grown in his chest, stronger and stronger
with each passing day.

Deep down Merdalo knows that he is a murderer, just as Mayor Nightpitch and all others who participate in upholding the illusion. For what else should you call someone who convinces people that they can fly, only to silently watch as they dive headlong into the Abyss with a hopeful smile on their lips?

Something that I think needs noted just to discuss and not deter from player creativity but Eldar Races because of the Pariah Trait are harder to get into the scope of playing those type of characters from at least my opinion. Again not to deter but they have a much harder time I think dealing with prejudice and adversity. An all Eldar race game maybe in store for us at a later time but I really want to emphasize that goblins, trolls, ogres and changelings might be at a slight to greater disadvantage. Just sayin. Personally, I'd like to make a changeling rogue with an element of mysticism but I'd want to wait for a forest romp to begin with instead of a urbanesque game.

It's ok if you like the changeling duelist Sean, I'm just saying the adversity and dilemmas faced is a little more difficult in my opinion but I like your concept.

I could be wrong, but it seems to me that all of the applications are more or less melee fighter types so far? Except maybe the symbolist who's a melee fighter/mystic.

I may try to come up with an archer/mystic since the role of front line fighter I initially made a character for is getting increasingly crowded, but it really depends on whether I can find the time and come up with a character I like as much as the one I've already submitted.

It really is ok Send... I want everyone to be able to hold their own in combat. Things could get difficult.

Guys, the deadline for the game to have a character made by the game starting is November 24th 2017 4:00 pm EST. I will work with those that make an effort sometime before the deadline.

After an influx of new players, I have accepted everyone who applied and now will close this thread down so that we can focus on team and player character building. Thank you everyone who even considered playing and didn't. It's nice to know we have a platform for role playing games at this medium.


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