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Skyggenes Dal - A game of Nordic horror.

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Skyggenes Dal - A game of Nordic horror.

Skyggenes Dal the Gathering Dark - Forum
World of Darkness

A parliament of monsters hides behind the curtain. They emerge sometimes, past the red velvet. They move in shadows among the human herd, and they reach out and pluck the unsuspecting into their grip. Humans can be livestock to the hungry, lovers to the lustful, toys to the wicked. All the horror stories talk of it: vampires filling their mouths with our blood, lycanthropes harrying mortal prey through dark forests, demons convincing a man to hand over his soul in a gift wrapped bundle. But they aren't just stories, are they? No, the horrors are real, hiding within a labyrinth of mystery.

Hunter: The Vigil is a game about those humans who have come (or are coming), by some means, to recognise the truth that monsters exist. These individuals cannot sit idly by. They must study their foes. They must destroy them or steal their power. They must use them as pawns against one another. It's not an easy thing, the endless hunt, the ceaseless Vigil. It is a thing of brutality and obsession, a slope slippery with the blood of those who came and fell before, a slope that descends into nightmare. And yet they can do no differently, because the Vigil drives them. They sacrifice. They push forward. They hunt.

Your PC is a resident of New Volda! They can be a newcomer to town, or an established resident, or perhaps even someone returning to town after an absence. Either way you will need to have a tie to the town and a real character motivation to stick with New Volda. I am A OK with a PC being a member of one of the founding families, just not the Heads of said families and obviously not a Lovelien. I would also like to actively encourage applicants to create NPCs and important personages within the town. Check out my NPC thread to find out which NPCs are already established and where there are gaps and availability for new ones! Please do also create your own locales within the setting.

Characters will obviously be Tier One and thus unaware of the supernatural. I am open to bending this rule for a particularly interesting and well considered concept, but it will need to be a really good one.

I hold the right of veto over your assets and drawbacks so if you've got something unusual or wild in mind please do discuss it with me first in your character thread. I do prefer all commnunication to be kept to the game forum rather than flooding my inbox with PMs which I will then lose and not be able to remember where all the information is hidden!

I love to build plot around the chosen PCs and their histories so a well written piece of prose (or history segments/vignettes) filled with potential hooks is going to make you a very attractive choice in my eyes! I also like characters to have portraits - although I'd rather you did not use pictures of established actors or characters from well known TV and films, I find this breaks immersion for me.

Do bear in mind that I will be most likely to keep combat short, to the point and relatively rare as I consider it to slow up game play in play by post to a painful level. Therefore, please do try to avoid making your character a tank and only a tank because then you may well get bored. Also bear in mind that I believe 'tall, dark and mysteriously silent' does not equate to not having to post. I like to see a lot of expression in posts describing actions as well as words.

One very important thing to note : Party cohesion is very important to me. So when considering your concepts please be sure not to make any Lone Wolf style characters, or anyone with a serious social problem who does not have a 'failsafe' in place for keeping him or her with the group. A little well played out tension is fun, full on antagonistic hate between PCs for months on end is less entertaining.

Please make yourself a new (not private) thread in the Character Applications folder, anything you'd like kept private can be placed in private tags but the main information regarding name, picture, and commonly known information etc must be viewable to all. This way everybody knows what has been applied and what has not. Please do also check out the Character Creation Guidelines to see if I've already managed to answer any questions you might have.

I'd like to see a detailed backstory with at least two important NPCs to the character and one important locale. After that comes the sheet and stats, and after that I do like to have a sentence or two about you as a player; who are you, how long have you played play by post, favourite systems, likes and dislikes, silly random things. This will help shape my impressions of you!

I am setting the Application deadline for two weeks! This places my choosing day at November 28th so please have all applications completed by midnight GMT+1 on the night of the 27th.

Game Description:

Yea, though I walk into the Valley of Shadow..

Welcome to New Volda, Minnesota. Population 2257.

Founded in 1836 by Norwegian immigrants New Volda, or simply Volda as some of its residents call it, is the kind of small town America where everyone knows everyone else's business. Or thinks that they do at least. With a serene kind of easy prosperity life has been good in New Volda; a little too good perhaps, as the town's residents began to realise for the first time just last week.

Suddenly an oppressive darkness seems to have settled over New Volda and things are not going nearly as well as they should. Mrs Jorgensen's little bichon frisse went missing two days ago and now several other people are reporting the disappearance of beloved pets, but the sheriff's Department find themselves entirely too busy investigating the sudden and unexpected death of New Volda's beloved Mayor Annika Lovelien to look into the disappearance of Pooky and some of the town's older residents are not at all happy about any of this. Local nut job Cassandra is taking up one of the town's two jail cells yet again after being caught throwing trash into the lake and her insane ravings about danger and those fools who swim can be heard clearly by anyone passing by the building.

Sheriff Solgard has been awfully cagey about the circumstances surrounding the Mayor's Death and rumours are beginning to take flight fly regarding mass layoffs from the Kammen Mine. This is the largest number of unfortunate happenings within New Volda to have ever been recorded and everyone seems to know it. The feeling within the town's borders is tense and anxious. What is happening to this idylic paradise? And what secrets lurk beneath the tranquil surface..

All those moments will be lost in time, like tears in rain.
I was just going over my character sheets and accidentally came across the G&A thread. I have never posted on Mythweaver before, so this is a first for me. I use to hang around on GITP.

I have played some Mage The Awakening before, so I am familiar with NWoD.

So colour me interested. No idea what to play, for some reason I have an old pilgrim rebel biker in mind that has "seen things" in his travels. I will explore some more

I have no idea what this G&A thread is (wait! I realise now. Games and adverts?) but I want to stop you right there before you put too much effort in! I want locals to the town and the PCs will not know anything about the supernatural

Yeah that's what I meant by G&A :P

or perhaps even someone returning to town after an absence.
This gave me the idea of a guy that left after his wife passed away, went onto the open road for some time (15years?) and came back after some soul searching. Probably becoming religious.

He doesn't know anything about supernaturals, but picked up many folklores along the way that might hold some truths. Was going to take 1 or 2 dots in Occult because of this, or Encyclopedic Knowledge Merit, although it isn't really academic in nature.

Whilst I have your attention, What kind of Resource Background would I need for a Harley Davidson Chopper sort of motorbike? Considering that he doesn't have any other money really. Otherwise I will just take 2 dots and say that he still has some money stowed away after selling his house to become a drifter.

Ahh returning to the home town after an absence! Then a local indeed Making a return to familial ties, old friends, old enemies. Lots of potential! Perhaps even he could have been a member of one of the founding families, the black sheep? Or not, up to you

The resource merit measures disposable income. So if you want him to be a true drifter with no posessions or money in the world but his bike then you don't need the merit at all. But if you want him to be a hobo by choice, with a stash of cash growing in the bank that he simply chooses not to touch because then he'd be beholden to his relatives or for some other reason? Then you may want a dot or two.

I could really use some applications which are locals born and bred and of mundane occupations to balance out all the 'outsider' applications with cool careers!

I feel I should say this again because I don't seem to have made it as clear as it should have been! Sorry for that guys.


You can be into horror fiction and movies, but not actually have seen conclusive proof yourself.

Ah! One of my favorite GMs is running a game!

Anyone who doesn't know should recognize Iselin is a GM of the highest quality and order. Very creative and inventive posts with great characterization and detail.

Bribers! That means so much coming from you Thank you for the lovely words.

I'm only sorry I don't think I have time to do your game justice or I'd apply.

I will never NOT apply to an Iselin run game.


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