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New York: The Rotten Apple

Saviors of the City - Forum
Marvel Super Heroes


Where we are going as a species is a big question. Human evolution certainly hasn't stopped. Every time individuals produce a new zygote, there's a reshuffling and recombination of genes. And we don't know where all of that is going to take us.

In my opinion, there are never enough supers games here on the Weave. Sure, there are always at least a half-dozen being talked about in Game Planning using various systems. And while most of them do get from planning to playing, I just don't believe we will ever have enough of them running. With so many different campaign ideas and story arcs that are floated out there, it cannot be possible to have enough games. And while I'm just one person, I'm hoping to at least in some small fashion try to alleviate that for some players.

What This Is
Saviors of the City, subtitled above as The Rotten Apple, is my attempt at a dark, gritty superhero campaign set in a semi-dystopian future America where crime has spiked, the police are understaffed, the government doesn't care, and the players are now faced with saving the day through whatever various means they have at their disposal. Thankfully they are super-powered individuals and have at least that advantage in some instances; without powers, there is nothing they could do to help.

This game will use the TSR FASERIP system, primarily because I don't think this system gets enough love. I know that the system has some issues, and a heaping helping of house rules and hand-wavium are needed to make the game's mechanics flow nicely. And I'm willing to deal with that, provided the selected group of players is willing to dive into a far darker version of a superhero game than you'd normally see.

The world of this game, set mostly in and around New York City in 2017, is a lot different than what you know in real life. Crime is at an all-time high, and the police can't stop it. Heck, they can't even put a dent in it. Paranoia isn't running rampant in the populace, but it's pretty close. And fear is everywhere; gangs rule the streets, drugs have a hold of a large portion of the population, the military is incapable and the government incompetent. This is not your happy-go-lucky version of a supers game.

What I'm Looking For
4 people who want to deal with me being a GM for a supers game, essentially. You've got to be willing to put aside the normal four-color view of supers and look at things through a dirty lens. This game is more Punisher than it is Avengers, and I'm looking for a group of people who are willing to struggle with their morals over right and wrong, justice over vigilantism, order over chaos.

I would like people who understand that story is always greater than mechanics, but on the flip side realize that there are times where the mechanics have to drive the story. It's a delicate balance, and it's a line that I myself have problems walking properly. So I'd like to ask whomever is selected to understand I'm not perfect and to call me out when I'm messing up. I'm human, unlike the characters in this game.

I would like people who can post rather regularly, to the tune of at least twice weekly M-F. I am online all day every day (I consider myself extremely lucky that I can telecommute and can devote time to this during the work day), so I can respond to posts and questions rather quickly during the week. I do not post with frequency on the weekends, so I do not expect anybody here to either.

Who I Am
I am a tough but fair GM; those of you who know me don't need me to explain this to you. Those of you who don't know me should be well advised that I can come off as harsh or mean or angry, even when I am not trying to. I cannot help my personality or thoughts, but I can do something about my actions. So I am also the kind of person that needs correction from time to time, and I welcome the feedback; I cannot change if you are not honest with me.

To me, the story is more important than just about anything. I am all about balance and fairness, and I do try to make sure that all rulings are fair and that all players have a chance to shine when their time is appropriate. And I ask that everyone please give me the benefit of the doubt; I do not needlessly harm, kill, or humiliate characters, and everything that happens in the game happens for a reason. The reason may not be outwardly known at the time, but it all makes sense in the end. Kind of like a movie with a bunch of plot twists that you can't follow until the last 5 minutes of the movie. Trust me, and I promise that the end result will be worth it.

The character creation rules are listed in this thread, while all character threads should go in this folder. There is house rules thread, which is located right here.

The application period is open until the earliest of:

1. December 4, 2017; OR
2. There are 10 COMPLETED applications.

Once either of those happens, this application thread will close, and no new submissions will be accepted. I know we have a lot of Marvel/FASERIP/supers junkies out there, which is why I'm putting the limit at 10 applications; I am only taking 4 people in this game, and with the fantastic apps that are seen in these games, I just can't break that many hearts at once and not feel horrible. So if we get 10 completed apps, that will be the limit.

Anything I Missed
There is an OOC thread in the game forum, and you can always ask my questions here. I'm not perfect, so please call me out if I mess up.

With that said...what are you waiting for?

Game Description:

Crime in the United States is at an all-time high, having risen more than 1000% since 1998. Thanks to the spike in the number of crimes committed, prisons are overcrowded and the justice system is taxed to the breaking point. Police forces in all cities big and small are understaffed and ill-equipped to deal with the sheer volume of crime that takes place, and more often than not they are choosing to deal with the violent crimes over the non-violent ones when they have to make a choice. And the really sad part is that they have to make a choice.

Drugs have taken over the streets, with nearly everybody addicted to some form of narcotic. Because the police are choosing to track down arsonists and murderers instead of drug dealers, the cost to get high has plummeted, allowing even the poor and homeless to get their hands on their drugs of choice for nearly nothing. But, just because drugs are available and cheap doesn't mean that everyone has the cash to get their hands on them. Petty theft and larceny have spiked, people wishing to get quick cash to convert into a small high. And so the cycle goes around.

Thankfully for the (mostly) law-abiding citizens of the US, the human race has somehow managed to step into the next evolutionary leap forward. The human genome has mutated, almost as if in response to the massive spike in crime, granting super powers and weird mutative abilities to some. And where there is power there is jealousy, which has led to huge discoveries in the way of technology and science, with one community wishing to keep pace with the other as far as these abilities go.

The city is a dark place, shadows clinging to every corner even in the middle of the day. Keep your eyes and wits about you; you know that no help is coming...

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This, too, like all other things in time, shall pass.

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Very interested, but short on time this weekend.

How much knowledge of FASERIP do we need? I've never touched it, nor do I own the material.

All of the FASERIP material is available for legal download at

No previous knowledge of the game or system is needed; I have no problems with helping people through character creation and the game.

As a huge fan of Worm and other gritty hero settings, color me interested! I havent had a chance to play with this system so I look forward to learning! I hope you don't mind being generous with suggestions as I go along.

I was thinking, of making a Daredevil type character, and then I thought why not just play Daredevil. Could I put Daredevil as of character app? I think his Character type would be perfect for the game.

Street level and a filthy city Scarecrow - my kind of supers game! Daredevil, Cloak & Dagger, The Punisher - there's a realism there that I always found very appealing.

Are you looking for original characters or established heroes? Hoping original!

Originally Posted by mykesfree View Post
I was thinking, of making a Daredevil type character, and then I thought why not just play Daredevil. Could I put Daredevil as of character app? I think his Character type would be perfect for the game.
Originally Posted by SmokeyGB View Post
Street level and a filthy city Scarecrow - my kind of supers game! Daredevil, Cloak & Dagger, The Punisher - there's a realism there that I always found very appealing.

Are you looking for original characters or established heroes? Hoping original!
Original characters. So no Daredevil, no imports, no existing supers whether canon or not.

Hmm... interesting.

Guess I can throw something into the fray.

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