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Chrono Trigger game

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I'm taking a stab at running a Chrono Trigger-inspired game using FFd6 as the system. I will admit this is my first attempt at using this system, so mistakes are likely and guidance appreciated. I'm expecting heavy usage of the "Questions" thread as things get rolling. All the details on applying, etc. are over in the forum. General questions on the game itself (setting, story, etc.) belong in this thread. Questions on mechanics belong in the thread on the forum.

Game Description:

Embark on a journey across past, present, and future to save the world! Plot is based on the Chrono Trigger video game, but may take some twists and turns from that depending on the players and any inspiration that may strike during the campaign.

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So, while you've got my interest heavily invested in this, with Chrono Trigger being by far my favorite video game of all time, I do have a question or three depending on the answer to the first;
-How heavily inspired is the world going to be? Like full on Chrono Trigger setting with deviations to the game's story or something else all together?

Chrono Trigger setting with deviations to the game's story as they occur organically through play. I'm also open to the idea of continuing "past" the story of Chrono Trigger into something entirely original within the setting (never played Chrono Cross so I don't have any interest in trying to incorporate that at any point), but that's pretty far in the future if it ever comes to pass.

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