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Congratulations! You've Been Accepted to the The Multiplanar School for the Arcane

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Congratulations! You've Been Accepted to the The Multiplanar School for the Arcane

The Multiplanar School for the Arcane - Forum
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You've been accepted to the The Multiplanar School for the Arcane, well I say accepted- more that you've somehow found your way here to our school hidden between planes. All you have to do to actually join our halls is to pass a rather simple entrance exam. These exams will be based on your abilities as a master of the arcane and will have you working in groups before you can begin classes!

Just sign right here- no not with a quill- and you can get started on your exam!

Hey all! Going to be running a more- mechanically challenging game. Every single player will be playing a WIZARD. That's right- only wizards allowed but in order to make up for this the following materials are allowed for your arcane traditions:

Applications will run for three weeks or until all 8 slots are filled.

Make sure to check out the Application Guidelines thread for more information.

Game Description:


We care not how you found us, be it from recommendation, planning, or even accident. Nay, all we care about is if you too have the endless thirst for knowledge in the arcane arts. If so, we welcome you to join us at the The Multiplanar School for the Arcane, formally known as the Accident-free School for the Gifted, all we ask is that you pass a rather simple test!

Once admitted you can expect the finest instructors, largest library and the most extensive material components bank in any plane! Classes are freeform and mean that you have the option to undertake as many tests as you want, when you want- all we ask is that you take enough tests to have a passing grade by midterm season, and by finals!

Enrollment costs nothing more then your willingness to learn and your ability to pass our entrance exam.

Tentative interest. The one thing I'm curious about is the tone you're imagining for this game. Is this primarily going to be a game about life within the school itself, epic adventures once graduating, something else? If I apply, want to make sure my character fits.

You got my attention with multiplanar and hooked me at wizards only. I am curious to see how you answer Peacemonger's question though and in addition at what rate will players level up? It would be fun to build up a powerful wizard so my preference would be for faster leveling, but I would still probably apply if it was normal or slow.

The entrance exam will serve as a large adventure that will involve all players.

Afterwards each "test" will be another adventure, with regular classes being treated as downtime. I want to play though every student's 4 year program. Afterwards it could expand into pretty much anything- depending on the mood of the players. I've a few plot hooks that I plan on introducing as well- as a multiplanar school will no doubt have some kind of adventures lurking in it.

I'll be pushing for faster leveling as well- since I want each player to diverge their character more.

Aww, I wanted to be the wizardddddd..... Daaaaaaaaadd!!! (runs off crying)

Now now, ctk86 make sure you share- there's more than enough wizard to go around for everyone.

The cheez wiz is pretty awesome- lots of flavour opportunities there.

Love to have you zpolloock!


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