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Cieran Nunesca

Cieran Nunesca, Teminu Explorer (Monk)

Idea oneName: Cieran [SEE-AIR-AN] Nunesca
Race: Teminu

The only thing that changed was flavor and religion for survival. If that's a problem I can take religion, it's nbd.

You've spent your life seeking adventure, though that's not to say you ever found it. Moving from location to location, some populated, some desolate, some surreal, most utterly boring, you've seen enough to know there's still plenty left to see.

Skill Proficiencies: Medicine, Survival --Two things you need to know on the road: how to eat and how to treat a wound.
Background Misc Proficiency 1: Herbalism Kit
Background Misc Proficiency 2: Language (Pyorom)
Custom Background: Explorer (modified hermit)
Class: Monk? I'm thinking monk.
Languages: Teminu, Pyorom, Zerzuran

Wide facial wraps hide a rugged unshaven face, and a dark green cloak shrouds a pair of broad, sturdy-looking shoulders. Never caught without a hood or hat, Cieran knows
it's actually only a couple inches long and about 2 or 3 wide, so a very shallow "horn". Like this but coming out of his head:
a big ol' horn sticking out the front of your head can sometimes attract the wrong attention. Long unkempt blonde hair falls in matted dreadlocks around his shoulders, matching the dirty yellow hair framing his mouth. Deep blue eyes cheerily greet the world, hiding a darkness from all but the most astute observers (and most bartenders).

Personality: Cieran is a man of two modes: serious and drunk. The few who knew him before his accident relate stories of a jovial character with a sunny disposition and a penchant for making people laugh. A true man of the masses and quite the fool, Cieran is remembered as a generally outgoing personality. After losing his arm to his own foolishness, the boy withdrew into himself and grew a strong contemplative side. Since his wanderings began, Cieran's bubbly attitude has flattened considerably. Still, despite the no-nonsense exterior, he is a friendly fellow who enjoys a good joke and the company of a drinking mate or two.
As often rosy-cheeked and full of mirth as he is stern calloused and stoic, Cieran fluctuates between his two personalities with a clever use of alcohol. Seeming to never get properly drunk, the strapping young lad's demeanor simply becomes steadily more friendly in direct proportion to how inebriated he is until consciousness finally slips from his grasp.

History: Born a the child of a poor farmer
under suspicious circumstances, Cieran was a child whose entire existence was shrouded in rumors. His mother wasn't present and was never spoken of. His sister Emmaline assisted in raising him in the absence of a mother, being over a decade older than him. His father, Jacob Nunesca, was a strict and angry man who seemed to resent the mere sight of his son. Though he never openly showed the child excessive disdain, he was more than miserly with his affection. Even Emmaline was not spared from her father's sour attitude. Both children knew well the familiar sting of a belt on their back.

Herding sheep was so stunningly boring next to the stories Emmaline told Cieran as she tucked him into bed each night, those of great celebrated heroes slaying fearsome beasts to the adoration of the world. His whole life, Cieran resisted the simple rural lifestyle he'd been born into and got an early reputation for causing trouble in town. Whenever he could, Cieran would escape to explore the nearby wilderness and daydream about conquering vast swatches of land like the warrior kings of legend.

At 12 years old, Cieran's life changed forever. He developed a short, wide, stubby little horn on his forehead. It was a muted green and shimmered in the light like a damp algea-covered stone, but otherwise looked unlike anything he'd ever seen. It was then that Cieran began to hear the rumors he'd been previously ignoring. "There's the Nunesca boy. Poor thing can't even..." "They don't know who is mother is do they? They sat it was..." "Have you seen his deformity? I heard it was caused by..."
Hundreds of theories about his horn and his family's secrets swirled around that boy's head until he finally confronted his father.

Jacob's beatings were always firm, but never brutal. This was different. Cieran was overcome with the animal realization that if he did not defend himself, he could suffer potentially fatal wounds. With no other options, Cieran fought back. A bloody exchange between the abusive farmer and his frightened son came to a terrifying climax when Emmaline, having seen the fight from outside, put herself between the two and was struck in the neck by Jacob. The blunt force to her spine resulted in permanent paralysis. Despite their collective discomfort regarding Cieran the entire town condemned Jacob's treatment of the children. Emmaline and Cieran were taken in by the local librarian, an ancient man who only went by his surname, Neighbors. Neighbors and Emmaline had developed a deep friendship over the years since she was the only regular visitor he got among the dusty stacks of books. It was from the old man that most of Cieran's bedtime stories, and thus his adventurous fantasies, had come. Neighbors instantly suspected the influence of Zerzura. He had never seen anything like this himself, but knew there had been a myriad of physical changes in the years since its collapse. Only a few years previously, he'd heard of a group "spelltouched" they were called. They'd gone into the ruins of Zerzura and emerged sane after far longer than anyone thought possible.

The mistake was not telling an excitable adolescent that he belonged to a chosen few allowed in a deeply mysterious area. It was telling him that there were miraculous artifacts with potentially infinite healing powers hidden in the city. Cieran was by no means a wise child, but he knew there was no sense leaving his sister to go adventuring when he had next to no experience and was only mildly convinced that Neighbor's story checked out. However, the chance at healing his sister tipped the scales. Cieran left within the year despite his sister's protests.

So 12 AFZ, about a year before the founding of cliffside
At 19, after six years of lackadaisical wandering and unfocused training, Cieran entered Zerzura alone, poorly armed, with few rations. All in all, he was grossly under-prepared. Due to a combination of luck and quick-thinking, Cieran stumbled upon ruins and riches beyond his wildest imaginings. It was accompanied by matching danger unfortunately. Tantalizing, taunting, and tempting, Cieran was unwittingly lead directly into the territory of something so absolutely horrifying he refuses to recount the experience. Whether it got bored of torture or it simply enjoyed the absolutely desperate expression of terror on Cieran's face as he ran, he managed to make it out of Zerzura alive, barely holding onto his sanity. As much as the young man wants to tell himself he escaped using cunning and bravery, Cieran knows the creature let him leave -or at least most of him.

Cieran is haunted by
I don't know if you're utilizing the background features, but I figure this is as good a place as any for the Discovery feature
what he found there and will not speak of it without several pints of very strong ale loosening his lips. When he does mention details they are always fuzzy and give the impression of a maleficent, malicious, highly intelligent creature, with a sadistic sense of humor and capable of great violence, the one responsible for the cruel removal of his right arm. At first quieted by his trauma, Cieran was slowly consumed by a small but ardent fire that could not be quenched until the object of his nightmares was impaled on the end of his sword.

As a result, the last four years have been grueling rigorous training only the most dedicated would bother with, held under the direction of perhaps the best boxers and fencers all around Cliffside. As the city sprang forth around Zerzura, Cieran felt himself constantly pulled back to those ruins. With his burning desire for revenge grew a guilt that slowly ate at him, knowing the reason he wanted so desperately to return had nothing to do with his sister...
Sample Post
You have arrived in Cliffside, looking for a group of adventurers to join for an expedition into Zerzura. But it's nearing nightfall, and you decide it's wisest to find a place to sleep for the night and continue your search in the morning. You find a modest-looking inn with a few patrons in the dining room, who do look to be the adventurous sort. It's clean, but absolutely without frills - the menu appears to be a thin chicken soup and plain baked yams. The innkeeper is a tall, slim Pyorom man with a shaved head and a short beard. He looks you up and down with a thinly-concealed sneer, but his voice is cheery:

"New in town, I'm guessing? Looking for a room? It'll be five gold otu per night, dinner included if you don't cause any trouble. You won't find a better deal anywhere in Cliffside."
Cieran Nunesca
The friendly smile Cieran had been forcing melted into squinting scrutiny. Quizzically, he looked over his dirty mud-stained tunic, tattered boots, hempen rope belt, and generally impoverished appearance. "Certainly I didn't hear you correctly, friend," Cieran said putting the facade of a pleasant individual back into place. He moved to gather his wallet, intentionally making sure to expose the empty space where his right arm should have been under his cloak.

Walking to the inkeeper, Cieran counted out five silver coins- his last five silver coins. Calmly, still wearing that plastic smile, he placed the silver on the counter. With the same steadiness, his hand came to rest on the wall behind the Inkeeper so they were staring into each other's eyes. In hissing pyorom, Cieran whispered, "certainly you meant five silvers, which is already a preposterous price for the pitiful dirtwater you call food and those caskets you call beds. However because I'm feeling generous, I will pay your outlandish price."

Stepping away with a smile much more earnest, Cieran waves to the innkeeper as he strolls to find a table without looking back. "Good talk, guy."

Quick Questions
  1. Which faction(s) are you most interested in interacting with? Definitely the Sibiseba. As a player I'm interested in the larger mysteries concerning how/why Zerzura imploded. As a character, Cieran is probably more interested in the Collectors, but he's also interested in the power such experienced practitioners of magic are capable of, or more importantly the consequences of such power. The Sibiseba might have information on the monster against which he seeks revenge.
  2. What feat do you want to start working toward? Personally I'm a fan of Sentinel, but I think Martial Adept makes more sense for the character. Plus parry, riposte, & evasive footwork sound like exactly the things I'd work on if I were a one-armed fighter.
  3. What magic item would you really like to find? Well we talked about some kind of cool magic arm, but really short of that I'm really fond of items that break the rules. Things that include a lot of mobility are fun for outside of combat: teleportation, flight, even burrowing is cool. I also would like to see very powerful cursed items but that might be the masochist talking. Cieran probably wants above all to find information, as that will help him focus his efforts.
  4. What is a rumor you've heard about what lies within the ruins of Zerzura? Cieran's first encounter with Zerzura was on the pretense that there were powerful healing items, but since then he's learned there are far more powerful artifacts than panaceas. Specifically, he's heard of a sheathe which allows a blade housed in it to be drawn without being held. Cieran has personal, somewhat obvious, reasons to seek such items.
Player InformationIf there's anything you think I should know about you as a player, let me know here.

Actually, I haven't been on Mythweavers for a few years. I just happened to find myself with an abundance of time recently, but I've played in a few games PbP. I only bring it up because I know some people consider play history for applicants and I haven't been in a game for ages.

Dice Roll: 4d6v1 4d6v1 4d6v1 4d6v1 4d6v1 4d6v1
d6 Results: 4, 6, 5 (Total = 15)
d6 Results: 3, 4, 5 (Total = 12)
d6 Results: 4, 6, 5 (Total = 15)
d6 Results: 3, 5, 4 (Total = 12)
d6 Results: 5, 4, 6 (Total = 15)
d6 Results: 5, 4, 4 (Total = 13)
Gender: 1 male, 2 female
Dice Roll: 1d2z
d2 Results: 1
Dice Roll: 3d5+55z
d5 Results: 3, 3, 1 (Total = 62)
(62) inches for females;
Dice Roll: 2d7+62z
d7 Results: 4, 5 (Total = 71)
(71) inches for males
Dice Roll: 3d5+15z
d5 Results: 3, 1, 3 (Total = 22)
These dice were omitted, altered, or moved: 1d9+19z
Original Dice: 1d9+19z
Weight: 157 lbs. (With or without arm???)
Dice Roll: 1d9+19z
d9 Results: 4 (Total = 23)
Dice Roll: 2d2z
d2 Results: 2, 2 (Total = 4)
Dice Roll: 1d3z
d3 Results: 1
Dice Roll: 1d100z 1d100z 1d100z 1d100z
d100 Results: 9
d100 Results: 27
d100 Results: 56
d100 Results: 10
mechanics (9,27,56,10)
Dice Roll: 1d100z
d100 Results: 88
aesthetic (88)
Dice Roll: 1d3
d3 Results: 1
number of horns lol
Dice Roll: 5d4z
d4 Results: 1, 4, 4, 1, 4 (Total = 14)
papa needs a new pair of shoes (14)

Gdamn those are some solid but very boring rolls. Guess I'm gonna have to handicap myself if the dice won't do it for me.

Alright, looks good. App complete. Any/all feedback welcome

Wow, those really are some impressive rolls, both stat wise and for mechanical traits. I will say, it takes guts to purposely maim your character at the start though. I do wonder what's going to happen the first time he'd need to go up or down a rope...

Also, is that some Breath of the Wild fan fiction art you got there? :O

Originally Posted by darknight910 View Post
Wow, those really are some impressive rolls, both stat wise and for mechanical traits. I will say, it takes guts to purposely maim your character at the start though. I do wonder what's going to happen the first time he'd need to go up or down a rope...

Also, is that some Breath of the Wild fan fiction art you got there? :O
Yeah I couldn't resist the rugged 1-handed link. I think it was concept art for ideas that didn't make it or something?

And half the reason he's missing an arm is because I think given his god-given (or dice-given) abilities will help him through. Plus I'm into the interesting challenges it presents. A one-armed rope climb isn't nearly as impossible as you might think, but it's magnitudes more difficult than climbing a rope normally. Whereas most characters just view a rope as up or down terrain, Cieran has to approach it like the legitimate obstacle that it is. I'm totally down with that.

I'm also totally down with him dying. I half expect it if I get in.

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