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“Chance” Cailean

“Chance” Cailean

Calavan “Chance” Cailean
BioName: Calavan ”Chance” Cailean
Race: Human
Class: Arsenal Chaplain Warpriest of Desna
Age: 28
Height: 5’10”
Weight: 190 lb



Deck of Many Things!
3 Pulls

Dice Roll: 1d22z
d22 Results: 18
First (18) Sun - Medium Wondrous Item, 50000 xp
Dice Roll: 1d22z
d22 Results: 19
Second (19) Talons - Lose all magic items
Dice Roll: 1d22z
d22 Results: 17
Third (17) Star - +2 Ability Score

Guess it doesn’t matter which wondrous item I get, since I lose it...should make for an interesting story though
Dice Roll: 1d100z 1d100z
d100 Results: 3
d100 Results: 34
Wondrous Item (3,34) Greater Plague Rat Belt...useful, pity it vanishes immediately.

So for the 50,000 xp...does that mean he’s Level 15 or 16, (depending on when he drew the card), or is he Level 14, with just shy of the xp for next level (51000)? If the latter, then he had 0 xp when he first drew the cards, and literally just magically became epically powerful. Which I’m cool with, just asking how to build him.

Nevermind, was looking at the wrong table. 50000 is a drop in the bucket at that high a level. Too much caffeine, not enough sleep...

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