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After what the TonberryKing person typed about Sylva not having much of a reason to care about our starting location, I remembered that I was supposed to toss some shared backstory ideas at you dudes.

Nu Mou Time Mage and Anna: The place where she is setting her businesses up belonged to his family, but generations ago, they had to sell it to her family. He considers himself to be a vassal of hers, but he knows a story about how her family got them to sell the land in an underhanded way. He hopes to curtail anything similarly shady, in her future, at least by being a good example. Mayhaps she came to the starting area, knowing nothing about the area except the family name of the people who sold her family the land, so she saw him as a source of information, at least at first, then he has worked to make himself useful to her, since then.
Sylva: He had come to her army, at least a couple of times, during the war, as part of various relief groups. He provided many nice boots for the soldiers, as well as an eager listener and occasional storyteller. He gave her the impression that he is plenty good-hearted and dependable, but something about the description of his home village made the place seem like the ideal spot to run to, once things fell apart. She knew that he would definitely have room in his house, since all of his children have grown up?
Moki-Noloki: Sounds as if they have both lived most of their lives in this village, together, but my dude is older. Mayhaps my dude saw how murderhobo-y your dude could have become, so he subtly helped to set your dude up with his wife. They definitely seem like the sort who would disagree about a lot but wouldn't necessarily be enemies. We could go for a friendly rivalry kind of thing, or just have them be the two old people that like to sit outside of the general store, to provide local flavor. My guy is the good cop, and your guy is the bad cop.
Snow la Gura: Both Nu Mou! Your dude is one of my dude's children, and they could have twenty-seven thousand different sorts of relationships! Only one ---> My dude wanted your dude to go into the family cobbling business, but you ran away and got a White Mage mentor! You eventually came back, because my dude sent a letter, asking for guidance on how to become an awesome adventurer!

Roegadyn Chocobo Knight and Anna: Well, I don't know how evil her family is. If they would be involved in or indifferent to slavery, they could be the money behind the gladiatorial arena that owned him. After getting freed by adventurers, he ran away to her. Owners keep him fed, and he has a big appetite! Otherwise, she could have been learning some Thief skills with the group of adventurers that freed him, and she decided that he was the easiest one to recruit to her cause, out of all of the slaves.
Sylva: Similar. Mayhaps she was part of a group of soldiers that decided to take down his gladiatorial arena, after the war. He became a hanger-on of hers. For added tragedy ---> She is older than him. She is pretty sure that she knew him, before he was kidnapped and enslaved. Vague memories of their families both being really nice and friendly and disgustingly idyllic. She is True Neutral. Sometimes evil stuff happens. Mayhaps she was once working with the slavers that took him, in the first place, and she regrets some of the stuff that he cheerfully tells her has happened to him. He would be the innocent and naive one that begrudgingly gives her hope, every now and then?
Moki-Noloki: Rescued him from dying of stupidity. He was abandoned by the adventurers that freed him, and he was trying and failing to live off of the land, even though he was just over the next hill, beyond the village. Mayhaps my dude started a brush fire that started messing with your dude's fields. Mayhaps your dude found him after a friendly and obviously well-trained chocobo started grazing in the fields. Your dude appreciates his way with animals, but hates everything about his interaction with the natural world.
Snow la Gura: I 'unno. A combination of many of the above ideas! Or ---> They were both enslaved, and they became an amazing and crowd-pleasing duo! Your dude always wanted to escape, but mine loved the cheers of the crowd too much! Your dude eventually distracted him with small tasks enough times to let the idea of freedom become not so bad, to him.

Originally Posted by TruorTupnm View Post
Snow la Gura: Both Nu Mou! Your dude is one of my dude's children, and they could have twenty-seven thousand different sorts of relationships! Only one ---> My dude wanted your dude to go into the family cobbling business, but you ran away and got a White Mage mentor! You eventually came back, because my dude sent a letter, asking for guidance on how to become an awesome adventurer!
Now I'm just picturing a scene where Snow is cooking for the group and yours is all "that's my son!" and Snow is like "Urgh, Dad! I'm 55 years old, I'm not a kid any more!"

Doubly so for awkward family reunion as both don't know the other is part of the group until they meet.

And if you do go this path, don't worry about the surname he has, that was from his master!

The issue with you owning the area that Anna is setting up "Merchanti Construction" as well as her Cabaret is why would she setup a place you own and not in an area owned by you know, the family she's a noble scion of.

So you'd have to give her some kind of sales pitch, or have some kind of reason why you would let the Final Fantasy version of Goro Majima setup shop. Outside of her being competent.

Oh, I wasn't saying that my dude owned anything. I was saying that he was a slave in a gladiatorial arena. The arena could have been around since before either of them were born, and her family could just be regular patrons. They don't have to own any part of it, either. I am just tossing ideas around for how the two characters might have known each other, before the story starts.

Ah okay.

No Anna's family is not evil. In fact her Noble Scion ability is "Scion of Peace". She's just a black sheep of the family, acting more like Goro Majima than a Apostle of Peace. She's ambitious, and it's implied that her rival dying "snapped" something in her, as despite them being rivals, they were very close. They weren't "I'm going to kill you rivals" they were friends who pushed each other to the limits. You know Pokemon Rivals.

Also Anna isn't evil, she's just wacky and over the top. She's CN. She just has a temper, but she is fully able to play the 'legit' girl with 'hidden depths'.

Moki is a newcomer, so no shared past with our Nu Mou unless they lived in the same place and then had to leave! Their wives could definitely be a thing that links them together - who knows what kind of rat hunks they're talking about behind our backs...

I kind of love the idea of a dude literally within walking distance of a settlement starving to death, though.

Chaotic.... Neutral.... Merchant?

"20 Gil."

"Wait, that's too much for one turnip. Is your sticker right?"

"Hmm, okay, 27 gil."

"That's, even worse actually."

Glares. "8 gil."

"Wait, really!? I mean, if you-"

"12 gil."

"B-but I was about to-"

"17 gil!"

"I'll TAKE IT!"

"Thank you for your business!"

(torture by haggling)

Originally Posted by Andramal View Post
Chaotic.... Neutral.... Merchant?
Again, she's based on Goro Majima. She's more competent than you think. She's just kind of wacky and over the top. I plan to play her a lot for comedy.

Also I may or may not pick a PC and stalk them and challenge them to fights regularly.

"Merchanti Everywhere!"

Okay, while I am interested in the Time Mage, I figure that the Chocobo Knight's personality would be more interesting, group dynamics-wise. Can't have too many people with common sense, you know. I'll finish up his sheet, and then, I will be ready!


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