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Wizards Only

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Dungeons & Dragons 3.5e

Guys this is a low level setting for Wizards. Looking to pick up about 3 players to torture in a setting where wizards are not welcome.

you will start as apprentices and we will see how that goes. I will probably have your mentor send you on various tasks, research various script and even make you craft him some scrolls

their will be a descent amount of combat but as for an overall plot, no not really, just some interaction with the setting unless you guys have a personal goal or something. Your mentor is content with what he has and basically teaches people the arcane ways out of boredom and maybe to cause a small bit of chaos with the general populous.

Game Description:

In the ancient times of the Dren empire magic was rare. It was looked upon as evil and those who practiced the arts were thought to be possessed by demons and devils. It was a dark era, one plagued with oppression and slavery. A time when the noble lords ruled and those that did not serve them were considered the enemy.

It was the time when the story of Allanon took place. Allanon was the first born son of the great king Adanan but was exiled and sentence to a life of slavery in the mines of Ramhold. Prior to this he was set to marry the princess Andromeda but when the Emperor found out that his daughter's fiancé held such powers he threatened Adanan and his kingdom with war.

The King fearing an unwinnable war had no choice but to do as the emperor wished. Allanon however resisted and fled into hiding causing a war that reshaped the lands. Insulted by the kings son, the emperor laid waste to Allanon's homelands, killing all those who resisted and enslaving all who didn't.

That was nearly 100 years ago and not much has changed. The Dren nobles still rule with an iron fist and magic is still considered to be the work of demons and devils...…………..

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