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Enroll at Avenger's Academy!

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Enroll at Avenger's Academy!

Avenger's Academy 2016 - Forum
Mutants and Masterminds 3e

Hey y'all! As the head GM of one of Myth-Weavers oldest multi-gm M&M games, I'm happy to announce that our rolling enrollment is, well, still enrolling!

New students and teachers are all invited to apply. Whether you have a lot of experience, a little, or none at all!

Avenger's Academy is a multi-gm open world roleplaying sandbox, with multiple players and GMs taking on the roles (and rolls) of students and teachers at an academy and reformation center for delinquent and untrained super-powered teenagers. Enjoy open roleplay on the campus, build up your character through class-style roleplay sessions, go out on official campus missions or our new PLMs (player led missions) if you want to lead your character on a brand new adventure, the choice is yours!

Game Description:

This will be a rotating GM game, each GM player will be responsible for running their own story when it's their turn to play the role of GM. Ideally, I'd like to have 2 campaigns running at a time, so that everyone is always able to play a character in a campaign.

Players will have 2 characters, a tutor and a student. Tutors will be existing marvel characters, students will be OCs.

This game will be set in an alternate timeline, based off of the Marvel 616 universe. All current storylines will not have occurred yet in this universe, but any characters introduced will still be in this universe. This Avenger's Academy starts off in an era of relative calm. There's the usual trouble makers, but nothing world threatening.

Enrolling all year: Come check out Avengers Academy!
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Seems really fun and I've loved the Marvel Universe for many a year. Admittedly, however, I have zero experience with Mutants and Masterminds. Quite a bit of experience (in read, not so much in play) with the old FASERIP system. How tough is the ruleset to pick up?

It's fairly simple, and happily, easily available thanks to the existance of an SRD. Plus people there are always willing to explain how things work and help craft concept into mechanics!

@souffle_girl -- Sounds like an interesting character idea! Pop on in to the "Students Applying" folder and toss a thread in there and we can help you get started, hash out some ideas.

Teachers do, I believe, have to be interpretations of canon characters (except in the case of promoted/graduated student PCs) but you also don't strictly have to have a teacher character unless you intend to run classes and/or missions. Which is awesome, if you do, but the focus of the game is mainly on the students so don't feel too bad if you can't.
@SmokeyGB -- It's very easy to pick up, and we're an exceedingly helpful bunch in this particular game, so go on 'n' toss a thread up and we can help you work stuff out too.

Sounds great, thanks!

I'd certainly be down for a long term game with a involved, dedicated player base. Will give the game thread a look.


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