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Sheet Requests, Status, and Issues

In addition to the Fate Core sheet request that's pending, I'd like to request:

Dresden Files Accelerated:

* It'd be extra useful if there were a few spaces to define some custom conditions, as most if not all of the mantles in the game come with at least one of those.

Fate Accelerated:

* It would be nice to have the ability to add a few additional consequences or stress boxes if necessary, as well as the ability to custom-name approachesa s well, if possible.

And, as a stopgap measure, I'd also like to request a (hopefully) minor, minor change to the The Window sheet; if the 'Notes' text box could be expanded to use all of the whitespace on the first page, instead of just displaying two lines at a time, that would be incredibly helpful.

Making sheet requests for Shadowrun 5e, and Shadow of the Demon Lord

I'd also like to request an update to the Eclipse Phase, in extending the area to write Skills in. The current space only gives room for six characters to write the skill, which is far too small.

Thank you so much for all your work on these sheets and this site in general. You guys are great =)
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Is there anyway to add a field on D&D 5e sheets to track hit dice totals and usage?

This might actually be my first post so firstly, thank you so much for this awesome resource! Secondly, I found a bug on the Call of Cthulhu character sheet:

The spots between the Hair and Eye color near the top of page 1 are linked with the actual number codes for the color you can pick in the boxes on page 3, instead of the description lines. As soon as you pick a color with the box for Hair or Eyes, it will change the related Hair or Eyes line near the top of page 1 to the hex code for that color. Changing the lines on page 1 back to whatever they were results in a black box for the related item(s) on page 3.

It may be smartest not to have any of that linked, since the longer lines (especially for Hair) on page 3 give a little more room for description of style and color variance, as opposed to the short line on page 1. But either way, I have a feeling the current version is just linked incorrectly.

I would like to request a Character sheet for the Paragon Universal RPG system. I would post links, as requested, however, the site will not allow me to post links just yet, as this is technically my first post on the forums. I do have an Excel Spreadsheet, and I'd submit it myself, but I don't know how to convert that into Myth-Weavers format.

@Noromical Myth Weavers sheets are a combination of HTML 5, CSS, and JS code, so there is no real conversion. Just talk a bit around the forums and edit it into your post once you're at 5 posts.

It's more a case of, I don't know anything about those formats just yet, so I wouldn't even know where to begin


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