Non Sequitur

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Corrupt a Wish!

Granted. It is EXACTLY as easy as it has ever been.

I wish for a vanilla ice cream cone, of reasonable size and flavour.

Granted: You have a double decker vanilla ice cream cone. When you go to take the first lick, the ice cream part falls off the cone part and lands in Australia! ( I hope somebody gets that . . . )

Granted: I wish my wife was not selling my cheesecake making skills on Facebook . . .

The world implodes because you phrased your wish as a grant by mistake.

I wish for a reset button.

Granted. It only resets your modem.

I wish for a new Kerbals video from Scott Manley.

Granted. The video is stored on Jared Fogle's server, but an additional copy is on a flash drive in the possession of Jared's aforementioned prison daddy.

I wish more people watched the Christmas episode of Mr. Bean every year instead of Rudolph.

Granted. *Goes to watch the episode of Mr. Bean* There, one more person watching that episode rather than Rudolph.

I wish we would stop worrying about Chirstmas before Thanksgiving.


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